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Biscuit-Gate rocks Savannah Georgia

Thanks to Farm to Consumer Legal Defense for bringing this travesty to the public’s attention. Oh, and yes, this takes place in the state of Georgia, in the U.S.A., not in the former Soviet republic:

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35 people sick with Campylobacter in Wisconsin reportedly all drank milk from the same raw dairy

This story first hit the news Thursday and we’ve yet to see any report that quotes a statement from the farmers involved. The Bovine has also tried to contact the farmers, with no success so far. So for now, we can only go on what has been published in the media. Here’s an excerpt from a story from the JournalTimes.com titled “Racine County residents sickened by raw milk“. A sidebar on the story asks victims to contact the reporter, presumably for followup reports. David E. Gumpert, in one of the articles below asks a very pertinent question — why can’t we use such cases to fine-tune raw milk production systems so this kind of thing doesn’t happen instead of as a pretext to restrict raw milk access even further?

Zinniker farm cows. Augusta Chronicle photo.

Zinniker farm cows. Augusta Chronicle photo.

State officials are blaming raw milk for sickening more than 30 people in southeastern Wisconsin, including residents from Racine and Kenosha counties.

Officials are warning consumers not to drink raw milk after test results and other evidence confirmed an illness outbreak involving at least 35 people, mainly teenagers and children, who drank unpasteurized milk, the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection announced this week.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services discovered 35 confirmed cases of campylobacter jejuni infection, including 21 patients under age 18.

The majority of the confirmed cases, 27, were from Walworth and Waukesha counties, the rest were in Racine and Kenosha counties. One person was hospitalized.

“Laws requiring pasteurization of milk have been on the books for more than half a century and there are good public health reasons for that,” Steve Ingham, head of the Food Safety Division in the DATCP, said in a news release. Continue reading


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Dairy of distinction in NY state goes raw

Here’s a news story about some hard-working dairy farmers, who are starting to explore direct sales of raw milk and other raw dairy products, in response to wholesale fluid milk prices that are way below the cost of production. This is from the Hudson Valley region of New York state. Story by Kyle Wind, excerpted from the Daily Freeman:

NY farmers work hard to keep operating at a loss.

Frank Brooks, his sons Randy and Scott, and wife, Cyndi, stand inside the dairy barn where the cows are milked twice a day. These NY farmers work 12 hour days and off-farm jobs to keep shipping milk at a financial loss. Daily Freeman photo.

“TOWN OF MARBLETOWN — After 20 years of growing produce and raising heifers, the F&C Brooks & Sons Farm took a leap of faith in a down economy and expanded their business.

Co-owner Cyndi Brooks said the family bought another 48 acres on Tongore Road from the Open Space Institute for $240,000 in April 2008, and by that summer, they had shipped their first tank of milk. Since then, it’s been a tumultuous ride, but she said she has no regrets.

She described dairy farming as “one of the few industries where you can’t determine how much you’ll be paid,” as they sell milk to Dairylea Cooperative, Inc., which dictates a price of about 90 cents per gallon while it costs about $1.50 per gallon to produce the milk. Continue reading


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