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UV light instead of pasteurization: it seems to work at least for calf feeding

Should milk fed to calves be pasteurized or UV treated? Or raw? Photo via Wikipedia. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Click image for source.

These stories are about treatment of on-farm milk for use in feeding calves. Of course, if it works for calves, why wouldn’t it work for people? Though probably the bar of surety is set higher when we’re dealing with food for humans. Michael Schmidt’s two-calf study comparing the effects of feeding calves raw milk vs store-bought pasteurized milk comes to mind as well, in connection with this news. Michael’s “Tale of Two Calves” remains the single most popular post ever published on The Bovine. Did you know that some farmers actually do pasteurize milk before feeding it to calves? Either that, or throw the “surplus” milk out and buy milk replacer from the feed store. You learn something every day. Thanks to Deb for the news tips: 

From New Scientist:

“AT A 3000-cow dairy farm near Ithaca, New York, Rodrigo Bicalho wrestles a 3-week-old calf onto a scale. The calf totters about; the scale reads 52 kilograms, a healthy weight. Bicalho makes a note. He is trying to find out what happens if he gives his calves milk that, instead of being pasteurised, is treated with ultraviolet light. Continue reading


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New pasteurization technology being proposed even for human breast milk

Thanks to Gordon Watson for bringing this story to our attention — New technology from SurePure promises safer and cheaper pasteurisation of milk. By Duncan Alfreds:

Is this a relationship in need of pasteurization? Some seem to think so. Photo via Strollerderby.

Cape Town – A South African company that has developed a new liquid purifying technology has been hailed in the UK as “most likely to succeed” at the recent Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) conference hosted by Dairy UK. Continue reading

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