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Vernon Herschberger interview, part 2

Politics and Activism 

by Raoul Bedi of the Vedic Harmony Centre (www.canadafoodsecurity.info)

In the first interview published last week we focused briefly on Vernon’s background but mainly on his “Sources of inspiration and role models “. The same day the interview was published it mentioned a new donations website (details at the end of the interview) which was coincidentally launched to not only help Vernon with his legal expenses but also to charitably support his family through these challenging times . Thanks to the generous support of THE BOVINE and its readers , the readers of Kimberley Hartke’s wonderful blog, http://www.hartkeisonline.com , and a few others , the amount pledged has already reached $2401 from 62 different individuals/organizations as of Tuesday, March 6, 2012 .

C: Politics and Law

Photo: Vernon Hershberger shown signing the Declaration of Food Independence on March 2, 2012 Continue reading

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“We are what we eat and drink” — raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, in an interview at the Vedic Harmony Centre

CLR Feb.3, 2010 interview by Andrew Rezmer with Celebrity Raw  Dairy Cooperative  Farmer Michael Schmidt

This interview was coordinated and sponsored by Raoul Bedi of the Vedic Harmony Centre (www.biofield.ca ) , and a purveyor of Conscious Media products and Green solutions since 1983 .

This is not an exact verbal transcription.

For the live verbal recording please go to www.consciouslivingradio.org and click “Past shows” .

Or go to


The Saga of Michael Schmidt of Glencolton Farms in Ontario’s 20 year battle with Ontario government officials.

His crime: Providing Fresh Raw or  Real Milk to private shareholders. The saga started in 1994. Because the laws restricted commercial access to Raw Milk in Ontario , Michael developed a shareholder system where consumers directly owned the cows . Initially 200 families were involved in this cowshare agreement. In the 1994 legal battle Michael lost 400 acres of land due to high legal costs leaving him with only 100 acres to farm. Over a 12 year period he rebuilt his farm and dream. At that point his farm was raided again . This time by 20 armed officers. A lot of people threw their weight behind his battle for justice. It took 3 years to go to trial. The judge determined that he was not guilty and acquitted him of ALL charges .

Question: Is this not more than a battle about unpasteurized milk ? Continue reading

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