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Revisiting the “Rawsome Three” case

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

Signs currently outside the now shuttered former Rawsome Food Club. David E. Gumpert photo.

Whatever happened to the Rawesome Three (James Stewart, Sharon Palmer, Victoria Bloch)?

Whatever happened to the felony case against the Rawesome Three?

Whatever happened to Rawesome Food Club? Continue reading

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Rawsome raw milk raid in the NY Times

From Ian Lovett, in the New York Times:

Demonstrators and media representatives focus on a speaker at a rally outside the Los Angeles courthouse Thursday where two Rawesome associates were later arraigned on charges related to illiegal sale of raw milk. About 100 people demonstrated on behalf of Rawesome. (Photo by Andrew Ward, via David E. Gumpert's The Complete Patient blog, click on image above to go there)

“LOS ANGELES — Raw food enthusiasts fit right in here, in the earthy, health-conscious beach communities of Venice and Santa Monica, along with the farmers’ markets, health food stores and vegan restaurants.

But this week, the police cleared the shelves of Rawesome, an establishment in Venice Beach, loading $70,000 of raw, organic produce and dairy products on the back of a flatbed truck. Continue reading


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Criminal conspiracy charges arise from latest raid on the Rawsome private food club, supplying raw milk in Los Angeles

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“The American government has launched a major new escalation in its campaign against food rights by arresting on criminal charges the manager of the private Rawesome Food Club in Venice, CA, a farmer who supplies the club, and her assistant.

The circumstances of the arrest, following on an investigation by California and federal officials involving purchases of raw dairy products by undercover agents who joined the club, sound eerily similar to the case brought last April against Amish farmer Daniel Allgyer. In that case, U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials spent 13 months in an undercover investigation, in which FDA agents joined a Maryland food club under assumed names. Continue reading


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Rawsome raid raises the question — why people bother to get raw milk?

From Ashley Koff on The Huffington Post:

Colbert highlights Raw Dairy Raid in Venice, CA and it begs the question: Why are some people: celebs, athletes, and not-so-local folks enduring LA traffic and paying to join a private club (Rawesome) so they can consume these products?

Before The Raid
Rawesome was just a local private food club selling some of the best produce, oils, prepared food, nuts, supplements, smoothies, raw meats, wild fish, and yes, raw dairy, that happened to be up the street from me. When I met volunteer Lela Buttery who introduced me to James Stewart, a co-founder of Rawesome Foods in Venice, it was for an interview about what food is and isn’t today, how a grocery store could be run, and how one man’s journey to heal himself led to a business of helping others. So excited about what I saw and tasted, I became a member and began to write a story about James’ personal journey — how switching to whole organic, and yes raw dairy, foods helped him both physically and emotionally. My story would focus on words and phrases like “honesty” and “consumer trust” and “ethics in food production” and the interdependency of “food costs and health costs” of which James spoke so eloquently and passionately. My story wouldn’t be the story of raw dairy, it would be about quality food and the return of the truly local grocery store. Continue reading

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