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Food Revolution Summit — Vandana Shiva interviewed by John Robbins

By Raoul Bedi, BASc 

The past few months has seen a massive shift in the “tectonic plates” of the food rights and food security movement not only in Canada but in the larger North American context. Some might say that it all began with the narrow defeat (voting irregularities aside) of the Proposition 37 “Right to GMO Labeling” referendum in California on November 6, 2012.

Vandana Shiva lecturing at the University of Victoria in BC. Click image to view source video.

From the Non-GMO Project website we can see that, despite the California setback, the ‘Right to Know’ effort has, instead, gained significant momentum. Through marches, rallies, petitions, social media, and targeted outreach campaigns, consumers are demanding that the government respect their right to know what’s in their food by labeling GMOs. Continue reading


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Raw milk rally at the B.C. legislature

Video from Christian Tatonetti on Youtube: 

Although this documentary was not posted until March 2012, it was originally shot during the raw milk demonstration at the B.C. Legislature (in Victoria, B.C.) on Nov 23 2011, which was the fifth anniversary of the November 2006 raid on Michael Schmidt’s farm in Durham, Ontario. Other demonstrations were held across Canada on that day including events in Toronto, Ottawa and Saskatchewan. Continue reading

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Raw milk rally gets a warm reception at legislature in Victoria, British Columbia

This just in from Nadine Ijaz in Victoria:

Victoria, B.C., where MLAs not only come to speak at your rally and pet your cows, but they also post pictures of the proceedings on Facebook. This picture was posted by B.C. MLA Nicholas Simons. It shows the cow Shelby, with MLAs Lana Popham and Jenny Kwan outside the Legislature.

A couple of things – media wise, I believe we were on CTV Victoria on the 5 pm news last night, and I was interviewed yesterday morning by CFAX Victoria radio at 6.22 am, and on CBC Radio One Victoria (‘On the Island’) at 8.20 am.  We have some coverage in today’s Times Colonist in Victoria, on p. 3 I believe (have yet to see it myself).  I am busy with many things today so don’t know how much time I’ll have to try to grab all of these links but thought I’d pass them on. Continue reading


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Raw milk rallies coast to coast on Nov 23 “Food Freedom Day” in Canada

Thanks to all the contributors; we’re still hoping to hear from a few more cities:

Raw milk and cookies; so good, so illegal -- from Victoria B.C. Photo: Kemal Holubeshen

First three Victoria pictures are from the Facebook album of  Kemal Holubeshen

From co-organizer of the Victoria rally, Nadine Ijaz: “Some pics from our Victoria BC Food Freedom Rally today at the Legislature, with Shelby the cow with Kerry Van Wiltenburg, Shakti the cow with herdshare farmer Jan Steinman, four MLAS (Lana Popham, Jenny Kwan, Mike Farnworth and Nicholas Simons), local activists including Nadine E. Ijaz and Jackie Ingram, and about 85 others. Plus two public health officials filming Jan Steinman as he openly engages in civil disobedience by milking his goat and sharing the milk with a shareholder. We are hopeful on the Coast. Continue reading


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Cross-country raw milk checkup — rallies ready to roll out tomorrow

From Charlene Bishop in Edmonton:

Poster for Nov. 23 raw milk events in Edmonton.

From Katy Helliwell (Regina):

OK, in Regina we are ready to go! Media and politicians in the know-check, posters made-check, speeches and speakers arranged-check, nice weather on its way-check so come on down to the Saskatchewan Legislature at noon on the 23rd. We need our collective voices to be heard so policies can begin to be reviewed and changed. Spread the word, see you there, thanks everyone!!

From Jan Steinman (Victoria, B.C.): Continue reading

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If, ands, and butts, of raising goats for raw milk — Jan Steinman’s transcript from last week’s radio interview

Photos and transcript from Raoul Bedi, in B.C.. By way of introduction, he says:

Farmer Jan Steinman "kidding "around with his pet goats. Raoul Bedi photo

My old friend Jan Steinman asked me to create a written transcript of his wonderful radio interview last week on “Grow Your Own Food” radio. Here it is. It has info on the upcoming rally at the BC provincial legislature as well.  Continue reading


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Nationwide raw milk rallies Nov. 23 in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, St. John’s, Wolfville

From Margo McIntosh at Balance Your Apple (current as of Nov. 6):

“….November 23rd in Ontario – at 11 a.m. we are having a rally at Queens Park in Toronto – Michael is to bring a cow to milk (provided he is well).  If he can’t we will find another farmer to do it.  Organizers are Margo McIntosh at margo@balanceyourapple.com and Charlotte VanGenechten at gushue_8@sympatico.ca Continue reading

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Milk and Cookies rally for food freedom in Victoria B.C., November 23rd, 2011

The following words and pictures are from the rally’s Facebook page:

Warning sign from the Facebook page.

Join us at the Victoria BC Legislature Buildings next Wednesday November 23rd, 2011 at 11.30 am to stand for our right to choose food from local farmers. Folks will be gathering across Canada that day to rally for food freedom.

It is legal for Canadians to purchase unpasteurized milk across the border from Washington State, and to bring it back to Canada to drink. But it is illegal to purchase raw milk, or even receive it as a gift, from a local Canadian farmer. What is wrong with this picture? Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt’s raw deal on raw milk

From Sara Deris in The Strand:

Michael Schmidt, speaking at a rally in Vancouver earlier this year. PHOTO: FLICKR/Zero-X

“On 4 Nov. 2011, after a hunger strike lasting over a month, Michael Schmidt finally gained the right to meet with Premier Dalton McGuinty to discuss the possibility of allowing the sale of raw milk to informed consumers. Well, McGuinty’s chief of staff, anyway. McGuinty did decide to drop in on the meeting for a bit. Schmidt has now been invited to speak to the Liberal caucus concerning the sale of raw milk, but it has been made clear that the government will not change its position on the legislation concerning these sales. Continue reading

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