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Long Island chemtrails trial continues: “We won’t be sprayed like bugs”

Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”, which kickstarted the American environmental movement, was prompted by a legal challenge to blanket pesticide spraying over populated areas. That was then. This is now.

From Dprogram.com:

(Youtube) – December 11th, 2011 – Legislation to Stop Geoengineering Long Island’s Sky Receives Huge Citizen Response this is 55 minutes of citizens asking their local government to enact legislation to stop this treasonous spraying taking place in their (and our) skies.. there was a lot more people speaking out than just this.

This marks a serious deviation from the past, where people have remained silent locally on this issue, and proves we are reaching a tipping point- a critical mass if you will on the issue- it will continue to gain ground and momentum, and can’t be stopped now. Continue reading

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