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Consumer groups fights for continued access to artisanal food producers

Washington, DC–September, 1, 2011– The Weston A. Price Foundation, a consumer nutrition organization, has filed its third set of comments with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the agency’s implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  The most recent comments addressed the preparation of traditional foods – specifically raw milk cheeses, bone broths, and lacto-fermented vegetables – in a safe manner.

“These foods play an important role in an optimal diet, and their production should be encouraged in the interests of Americans’ health and vitality,” said Sally Fallon Morell, founder and president of WAPF.  “These foods have been safely prepared and consumed by people all over the world for centuries, and FDA needs to understand the traditions and science behind them.  Treating these artisanal foods as if they were inherently dangerous would only undermine their quality, while not serving the goal of food safety.” Continue reading

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Government data proves raw milk safe

Raw Milk Risk Extremely Small Compared to Risk of Other Foods

WASHINGTON, DC June 23, 2011:  Data gleaned from U.S. government websites and government-sanctioned reports on foodborne illnesses show that the risk of contracting foodborne illness by consuming raw milk is much smaller than the risk of becoming ill from other foods, according toresearch by Dr. Ted Beals, MD, appearing in the Summer, 2011 issue of Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

“At last we have access to the numbers we need to determine the risk of consuming raw milk on a per-person basis,” says Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit nutrition education foundation that provides information on the health benefits of raw, whole milk from pastured cows. Continue reading


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“Food rights a matter of the will” says raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt writes, in a guest post on Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

Who at the end is responsible?

Michael Schmidt, Perhaps Describing the Chasm Between Raw Milk Proponents and Gov't Regulators. Photo via Kimberly Hartke's Hartke is Online blog.

“The war on raw is in full swing. I guarantee that we have not seen yet the full escalation of this battle. Dreaming of a better future in regards to our food rights seems to become a nightmare beyond imagining. Thinking that logic, common sense and justice would resolve this dilemma seems to fade day by day. Continue reading

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Raw milk in Sask…. it’s a moovement!

Here’s a report on the Regina Saskatchewan meeting with raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt from Jane Kutarna, who’s involved with the local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter. Thanks Jane.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt meets with Saskatchewan farmers and regular folks in a church hall to talk about raw milk concerns. Thanks to Michael for passing on these pictures to the Bovine.

On December 5, about 60 citizens of Saskatchewan gathered together to listen to dairy farmer Michael Schmidt talk about the politics of raw milk sales in Canada.  Several small dairies had the opportunity to meet with Michael as a group and discuss raw dairy herd shares. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt en route to Regina Saskatchewan for meeting with farmers and others interested in cow sharing

Michael sends these pictures via Facebook:

On the way to Regina passing grain elevator in little prairie towns.

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Michael Schmidt to talk raw milk in Regina, Sask. Dec. 5th — be there!

Coming soon, early next month, Michael Schmidt once again heads west to meet with farmers and concerned citizens over an unlikely issue which has galvanized a wide swath of the electorate over the last few years.

Poster for the Regina raw milk event -- perhaps the first one ever!

But perhaps it’s not so much raw milk itself that has gotten people so up in arms, but rather the government’s way of dealing with it. Certainly there will be lots to talk about at the Regina meeting.

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Raw milk controversies at Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference

David E. Gumpert reports, on his The Complete Patient blog:

“…Canadian dairy farmer Michael Schmidt has gotten a fair amount of attention for his refusal to allow an Alberta dairy farm into his new association of cowshares known as Cow Share Canada.

I caught up with him at the Weston A. Price Foundation conference, and he wasn’t the least bit regretful about his actions, which are at odds with the approach of some American raw milk supporters, who refuse to publicly criticize any raw dairies, even if they operate under questionable conditions. “I got flack from some free thinkers,” Schmidt told me. “They’re asking, ‘Are you the new milk mafia?'” Continue reading


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