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A new study confirms Dr. Weston A. Price’s findings on nutrition and health

From Cure Tooth Decay.com

“A new study, published in the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, has shown a significant increase in the number of dental caries in native cultures that are introduced to fruit juices and sugary foods. The study was based on children in an area of Libya that is being introduced to a more westernized diet. The study took into account the dental health of 791 children that were 12 years of age. The children were screened for presence of dental caries (cavities). Results from the study showed that almost 60 percent of the children examined had dental caries. Conclusions from the study state that;

 “Frequency of consumption of fruit-based sugared drinks was statistically significantly positively associated with experience of caries … Dental caries experience was associated with frequency of consumption of sugared dietary items…” (Huew, Waterhouse, and et al ) Continue reading

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Cow share friends meet again in Dallas

Eleanor is a cow-share member from Richmond Hill. She sent the picture below of her sons and Michael Schmidt, which she took at the recent Weston A. Price conference in Dallas.

Nico and Raf with farmer Michael Schmidt, at the WAPF conference in Dallas

We wrote back and asked for some background on the photo. Here it is:

I am a raw milk drinker (as is my family), Cow Share Canada member and food freedom supporter. We value ethical farmers – true stewards of the land – and what they produce and, as much as possible, we eat from the farm.

I support Michael’s dedication to food freedom and have shared his story with my two sons (Nicholas, blond boy on the left in picture is my older son, Rafael on the right, is Nicholas’ friend; my younger son did not attend the conference). Continue reading

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Lifestyle and diet affect jaw size, shape

What’s missing in this picture is any reference to the pioneering work of Weston A. Price on the relation between diet and jaw formation. Here’s the story, from Clare Pain, at ABC Science in Australia:

Click image to go to ABC Science story

“Lifestyle is known to affect many aspects of health but now a UK anthropologist says it could even change the shape of our jaws.

Dr Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel of the University of Kent reports her findings in this week’s edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

She made detailed measurements of the skulls and jaw-bones (mandibles) of nearly 300 individuals from 11 different subsistence cultures – some from hunter-gatherer societies and some from societies with primitive agriculture.

The measurements were of skulls in museum collections, which were from people who lived in the past couple of thousand years.

“These people are likely to be analogous to people living today,” says Cramon-Taubadel. Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt has “left the city” after speaking at a raw milk conference in Prague last week

We’ve received word that Michael Schmidt has finished his presentation at the raw milk conference in Prague May 20th, and is en route to other European destinations. We hope to have more detailed news soon. Meanwhile here is a photo from earlier this spring of Michael at the Weston A. Price Foundation table at Toronto’s Total Health show:

That's Michael Schmidt towards the right side of the photo, with a few of his many WAPF friends.

Original caption: “The Weston A. Price Foundation exhibited at Total Health Show in Toronto, Canada and Liz Pitfield served as a “distributor” of our DVD – they only have 6 or 7 left out of 30 she reported!” Continue reading

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Raw milk warning — Do you know where YOUR raw milk comes from?

By Gary Wilson, special to The Bovine:

If you are looking for a source of raw cow’s milk to drink, you should be aware that not all cow’s milk is created equal. If you fail to investigate the methods employed in producing the raw milk you plan to drink, not only might you not get any nutritional benefits that you hoped for but you might be consuming raw milk that puts your health at risk.

As part of his study performed from 1932 to 1942, Francis Pottenger, Jr., MD compared the effects of feeding cats a diet of two thirds raw milk with one third raw meat to a diet of two thirds pasteurized milk with one third raw meat. While cats on the raw milk with raw meat remained healthy generation after generation, those on pasteurized milk with raw meat did not. The raw milk in this portion of the study came from cows fed fresh feed. Continue reading


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Raw milk program to air on BBC radio

From Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

by Phil Ridley, Volunteer Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, London, England

I’m excited to say that BBC’s The Food Program is covering the issue of raw milk. I’ve had the privilege of being contacted by the producer, who has been speaking to various people about raw milk, to prepare for this program, and she has received a copy of “The Untold Story of Milk” by Ron Schmid. Continue reading

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The history of the ruination of raw milk

From “The Ruination of Milk” by Jenny Lake:

“Today there is a (real!) grassroots movement to restore the wholesomeness of natural animal food products like dairy and return as many as possible commercial producers back to the “best practices” that ensure good health for animals and humans.

Controversy over the pasteurization of milk, originally adopted as voluntary, started from the very beginning of the practice in the 1880s and has never ceased. For good reason. The unsung story of pasteurized milk is having a new day in the grasp of enthusiastic raw milk drinkers who’ve discovered a healing food. [1].

Long a “trade” secret to pioneer bodybuilders of the early 20th century, raw milk was called “the perfect food”. But the benefits of fresh raw milk are no secret! Ancient societies have passed on the knowledge of milk as a medicine for the weak and the elderly and bodybuilders clearly understood it was a tonic for the strong and the beautiful! [2]. Continue reading

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