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“Whitewash” book criticizes pasteurized milk, doesn’t mention raw milk – WTF?

Thanks to Gordon Watson for this:

WHITEWASH: The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health

by Joseph Keon

My comment ; when I first got involved in the Campaign for REAL MILK, I thought that the Pasteur-ized / homogenized stuff on store shelves was not all that bad. Not as good as wonderful, fresh whole raw milk … but at least, not harmful.   I’ve since learned that what’s in the packages at the end of the supply chain in the industrial ag. model, is so far-removed from the real thing, that to call it “milk” is consumer fraud

In his recently-published book, Whitewash, Dr Keon provides plenty of evidence to prove why “homo milk” is genuinely hazardous to public health. Although it’s good at explaining why ‘homo milk’ is very bad,   the book’s fatal flaw is, it ignores the controversy about the difference between ‘raw’ versus “Pasteurized”. Continue reading

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