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Zinniker farm giving up on raw dairy?

The Zinniker farm, in Wisconsin, has been one of the flagship biodynamic farms on this continent for some 70 years. They’ve been dairying for decades. It’s sad to read about their apparent defeat on the raw milk front, by agents of the DATCP, in spite of what sounds like great support from their community of customers. David has the story.

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“Strong community support can be undermined by the realities of life, unfortunately. Mark Zinniker, owner of a Wisconsin farm together with his wife, Petra, recounted during the panel discussion just how that can happen. The Zinnikers were among the plaintiffs in the now-famous ruling by Judge Patrick Fiedler in 2011, in which he declared that Wisconsin residents don’t have the right even to own a cow, or if they do, to drink its milk. Continue reading

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Prosecutors and defense girding for the Herschberger trial in Wisconsin Jan. 7

From David E. Gumpert, on The Complete Patient blog:

“The principle of private food should get a test in front of a jury of ordinary citizens when raw dairy farmer Vernon Hershbeger goes on trial in Wisconsin on  Jan. 7.

I should say the principle should get a test, because initial indications are that the state will work like the dickens to sidestep that issue in favor of a ton of fear mongering designed to scare the jury that raw milk is too dangerous to distribute publicly, privately, or any which way, and thus seek to justify both the state’s ban on raw milk sales and its relentless prosecution of Hershberger, a farmer who provides raw milk and other food to more than 100 members of a private food club around his town of Loganville.   Continue reading

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Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund to represent Vernon Herschberger against DATCP in January 2013

Falls Church, VA, Aug. 28, 2012 ( GlobeNewswire ) – Wisconsin dairy farmer, Vernon Hershberger of Loganville, has retained the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) to represent him in his upcoming criminal trial on four misdemeanor counts for alleged violations of the Wisconsin food and dairy code. The trial was originally supposed to take place on September 25 in Sauk County Circuit Court in Baraboo but Judge Guy Reynolds has postponed the trial until January 7. The judge has set aside five days for the trial.

Hershberger had been representing himself since the criminal complaint was filed against him in January 2012. FTCLDF vice president and Wisconsin attorney, Elizabeth Rich, will be litigating the case. Rich has over twenty years experience in the Wisconsin courts. Continue reading

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Civil Rights / Food Rights: Vernon Herschberger as the Rosa Parks of Raw Milk

From Joe Orso in the Lacrosse-Tribune:

Vernon, on the left, from a recent video TV news clip (click iimage to go there). And on the right an image from a movie dramatization of the Rosa Parks story. See link at bottom of story.

“The raw milk debate is not primarily about raw milk — even though those of us who drink it feel strongly about its nutritional values.

Nor is the debate primarily about food safety and health risks.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, the Centers for Disease Control and other government and corporate bureaucracies will certainly scare one segment of our population with their statistics on raw milk. Another segment of our population will see the manipulation of those statistics and explain why raw milk, when sold from farm to consumer, is far healthier and safer than pasteurized milk, as well as much of what is sold as “food” these days. Continue reading


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Vernon Herschberger on the TV news

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From the Vernon Herschberger rights workshop — learning to deal with fear

David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt with Vernon Herschberger and Max Kane at the Food Rights workshop.

“If Wisconsin dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger goes to jail Friday, he can take comfort that his farm will be well tended to.

First, there is his family, including his wife and nine children. “I would not do what I am doing without having my family behind me,” he told about 60 supporters crowded into a “Rights Workshop” organized by his food club members and the Raw Milk Freedom Riders.

Then there are his members, and indications are that many of the 150 or so members would be willing to pitch in to help the Hershberger family. “There are a lot of farmers here who can help Vernon milk his cows,” one member told the attendees at the workshop.  Continue reading


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“Home of the Slave” — are the doors closing on food freedom in America?

From Kelly the Kitchen Kop:

I first met John Moody in Dallas last fall at the Wise Traditions conference.  He’s the manager of a Kentucky food buyers club that was raided in May of 2011. (Read more about that in this post, Be Ready for the Men with Guns — How to Prepare for a Raid“.)  In today’s guest post, John urges you to sit up and take notice of what’s happening to our local food sources, and PLEASE, if you live near Wisconsin, come show your support — one of our beloved farmers, *really* may be going to jail. Here’s John…

In a nation trillions of dollars in debt, where hardened criminals can barely be kept behind bars because of budget problems, bridges collapse under passerby vehicles, and basic public services have to be cut in whole sectors of decaying cities, what do you think state and federal government are using precious tax money on and for? Continue reading

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