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11.11.11 and the founding of the North American raw milk alliance at WAPF’s Wise Traditions conference in Dallas

This just in from Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt and Mark McAfee with two unidentified ladies from the conference.

Considering the above date, which is one of those interesting  dates in history which deserve attention, the forming of the North American Raw Milk Alliance is rather significant in it’s intend.

Mark McAffee and Michael Schmidt formalized their longstanding co-operation by officially joining forces. Cow Share Canada Inc. and The Raw Milk Institute will act jointly and separately to address responsibly the growing demand for raw milk across North America. Continue reading


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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt at the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference in Philadelphia yesterday

Pictures of Michael and friends at the conference:

The Dixon family with Tim Whiteman at the Weston Price Conference in Philadelphia. The Dixons own Morningland dairy which was ordered to destroy 250 000 .- worth of cheese because of an order by health officials. Never ever some body got sick. Always the same story bureaucrats kill small farmers they do not care. Photo via Michael Schmidt's Facebook page

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Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt speaks at Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Philadelphia

This just in from Ontario raw milk activist and dairyman Michael Schmidt:

I am now in Philadelphia giving the following lecture at the big Wise Traditions annual conference (of the Weston A. Price Foundation):

The urgency of consolidating the Food Rights Movement

As Corporate controlled agriculture drives society towards the brink of self destruction. A new awarness is growing amongst many in search of true nutrition.

The need to join forces and to built bridges amongst many will create a new balance in the current struggle against the looming destruction of the human being. Continue reading

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“The Politics of Food” — WAPF Wise Traditions 2010 conference Nov. 12-15

One of many magic moments from last year's Wise Traditions conference. That's WAPF president Sally Fallon in the middle.

October 12, 2010-WASHINGTON, D.C.— The intense debate generated by proposed food safety legislation, ongoing government opposition to raw milk, and raids by agents with guns drawn on private food clubs in California and Ohio, has vaulted the subject of food politics into the eye of consumers and policy makers. Should small farms be regulated? Are the USDA dietary guidelines improving health or causing disease? Do citizens have a right to the foods of their choice? Continue reading

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Sally Fallon at Wise Traditions U.K.

Kimberly Hartke has a report and videos from Sally Fallon’s talk at Wise Traditions U.K.:

Click picture to go to Kimberly Hartke's post about the conference

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