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California Milk Producers Board targets women with PMS in its latest campaign

From Amanda Rose at The Ethicurean:

“The California Milk Processor’s Board, which brought us the Got Milk? campaign, urges men this week to tell their cranky, about-to-menstruate women: “You really need to drink more milk.”

Men can get their PMS education on a new website “Everything I Do Is Wrong.” Women may find the site confusing at first glance: “Who’s supposed to buy the milk for whom?” “Can milk really help my clueless, bumbling husband?”…”

Read it all on The Ethicurean.

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Michael Schmidt, raw milk, men and women, at Ontario’s Glencolton Farms

Disclaimer — This report is not based on exhaustive anthropological fieldwork:

While Michael Schmidt has been the public figurehead in the legal battle over raw milk, a lot of the behind-the-scenes work at the farm is being done by women, many of whom are young apprentices.

Glencolton Farms is a place where men and women work together to create a healthy farm organism and to provide a source of nourishing raw milk for the many farm share holders who depend on it for their sustenance.  Continue reading

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Promoting the original raw milk source

Curiously, in this public service announcement to promote breastfeeding, they don’t even mention the “raw is healthier” factor, but hey, isn’t that one reason why it’s important to breastfeed your baby:


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