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Karen Selick on cases in which “Expert” opinion has been shown to be WRONG

From Karen Selick on Troy Media.com

BELLEVILLE, ON, Dec. 29, 2011/ Troy Media/ – Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt finally got to meet with Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty in early November, 2011 after a 37-day hunger strike. However, the premier told him the government had no plans to change the law to legalize raw milk sales, and that it would rely on the best advice of medical experts.

But what is the best advice of medical experts? And which experts, consulted when? As a high school student 40 years ago, I was instructed to do a breast self-examination every month without fail, to detect cancer. That advice survived until about three weeks ago, when experts suddenly retracted it and announced that breast self-exams “have no benefit and should not be used.” Continue reading


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