Here’s a November 2008 posting of a video on the Michael Schmidt case which includes a tour of the farm led by Markus Schmidt and some video of the attorney for York Region in the September 2008 contempt-of-court trial held in Newmarket. Video was posted by “666overcomer”.

Editor’s note: While we have posted this video, we want the viewer to know that we take exception to how the filmmaker seems to be treating York Region counsel in this clip. In our view Dan Kuzmyk is an honourable man who’s doing his job to the best of his ability and the fact that his work brings him into apparent conflict with raw milk enthusiasts is no reason to think less of him. Ad hominem (against the person) attacks are never justified in civilized discourse.

Here is the original video of the raid on Glencolton Farms November 21, 2006:

Video on Michael Schmidt and raw milk by “”:

A short film about Glencolton Farms, made by Markus Schmidt, titled “Our Farm”:

Here’s Marilyn Gang’s debriefing of Michael Schmidt following the September 2008 court appearance in Newmarket (previously published on the Bovine):

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  2. Pat

    I’m totally amazed that “Talk Radio” isn’t screaming about the injustice at the Manna Storehouse. It makes me suspect that the “conservative hosts” are actually just liberals who found a way to make a living with a conservative banner.

    Keep up the fight. . . who knows, maybe one of you guys should become a “Talk Radio” host?

  3. Catherine Beattie

    Where were these enforcement officers when Maple Leaf Meats was selling listeriosis-tainted meat which actually killed and sickened people? Why is the Ministry of Natural Resources sending Conservation Officers to investigate, harass and raid a dairy farm? We have people shooting crossbows and even guns at deer in Rouge Park in Toronto, using deer for live target practice, leaving brutal hunting arrows in them and leaving them to hobble through the woods slowly bleeding to death. The MNR says they “don’t have enough officers to investigate” down here, they claim variously to have either 4 or 6 officers working out of their Aurora office. Where did they get all the manpower to raid Mr. Schmidt’s farm? Did they quickly deputize people from the nearest town to form a posse? We could really use some of the “Conservation Officers” down here, to protect our wildlife and perhaps even stop citizens from being shot by poachers. Remember the woman who was wearing a bright red sweater but got shot to death by hunters while walking on a well-used trail through Simcoe forest in 2007? Wouldn’t enforcing hunting laws be something more useful and appropriate for the MNR to do?

    • Randall

      The government is there to oppress the people for the elite who control things from behind the scenes. Healthy people from natural sources = threats to their monopolies and fortunes.

  4. ezrasoma

    I have a family member that is a customer of the Schmidt farm and she truly loves all the products there. I have drank the milk and it’s very tasty. There are far more issues in the food industry that should be addressed instead of harrassing a naturalist. People should be congratulated for trying to keep themselves healthy.

  5. Doug MacLean

    Organic Raw Milk is a natural miracle Medicine.

    After 3 days, and no expectations, to my surprise, a 2 month persistent knee problem was gone! … Next, I noticed my teeth continuing to get whiter. Calcium enzymes, was the explanation.

    I’m guessing, its naturally oily texture would most assuredly solve the quest for alternate Omega-3 sources …without the fishy aftertaste, or need to pillage our oceans.

    The healthy solution we seek is right in our own back yards….

  6. thebovine

    Re the above: clearly this is anecdotal evidence at best. Your “mileage” may vary…

  7. Bravo! I congratulate you and your family on your victory. I support you in your rights as a free man to drink what you want, when you want. This trial only proves we live in a truly free land. I love it!

  8. Catherine Beattie

    Congratulations on your victory! I hope this means the government has to return all your equipment that was wrongfully confiscated, and compensate you for your lost income during and after their “invasion” as well.

  9. stacey

    Just wanted to say that you guys kick ass! Love you all!

  10. jenny

    keep up the amazing work!!

  11. Vincente

    I don’t know where else to put this, so here it is. Check out this video on youtube:
    “Not one member of the audience left; in fact,they stood through the entire performance.”
    Also, see

  12. After I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments
    are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added
    I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is a way you can remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

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