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Court decision today re lawyer removal motion in Montana Jones, Michael Schmidt sheep-napping pre-trial

As you may remember, Crown attorneys were arguing in court that Shawn Buckley should not be allowed to represent Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones because of a potential conflict of interest down the road as it were. According to a Facebook post today from Montana Jones, today is the day that the court will announce its decision on that matter. Here’s what she writes:

“Cross your fingers today, send good thoughts, and hope for one small step toward justice! Off to court to hear judge deliver his decision on if excellent lawyer Shawn Buckley is still ours to carry on. CFIA applied to have him removed and prevent him from representing Michael Schmidt and myself saying that it “might possibly” be a conflict of interest down the road at the actual trial, yet with no solid reasons to support that thinking. Here we go….”

Just wondering about how such a conflict of interest might come about…  Continue reading


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Beyond GMOs — Synthetic Biology

Back in the early decades of the 20th century, Rudolf Steiner talked about the “Life Ether” and how in the future there would be technologies based on harnessing it. Could this be the start of it?

From Synthetic Biology Project:

“This exciting field is evolving so rapidly that no widely accepted definitions exist. Common to many explanations is the idea of synthetic biology as the application of engineering principles to the fundamental components of biology.

All living organisms contain an instruction set that determines what they look like and what they do. These instructions are encoded in the organisms’s DNA — long and complex strings of molecules embedded in every living cell. This is an organism’s genetic code (or “genome”).

Humans have been altering the genetic code of plants and animals for millennia, by selectively breeding individuals with desirable features. As biotechnologists have learned more about how to read and manipulate this code, they have begun to take genetic information associated with useful features from one organism, and add it into another one. This is the basis of genetic engineering, and has allowed researchers to speed up the process of developing new breeds of plants and animals. Continue reading


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