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Violent behaviour a result of poor diet?

From Kimberly Hartke at the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Teenage violence. Photo: Click to go there.

WASHINGTON, DC, August 30, 2013– GlobeNewswire — Deficiencies of vitamins A, D, K, B1, B3, B6, B12 and folate, and of minerals iodine, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, chromium and manganese can all contribute to mental instability and violent behavior, according to a report published in the Spring 2013 issue of Wise Traditions, the journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

The article, Violent Behavior: A Solution in Plain Sight by Sylvia Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN, seeks reasons for the increase in violent behavior in America, especially among teenagers.

“We can blame violence on the media and on the breakdown of the home,” says Onusic, “but the fact is that a large number of Americans, living mostly on devitalized processed food, are suffering from malnutrition.  In many cases, this means their brains are starving.” Continue reading


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State interference in parenting choices?

A word to the wise from Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist:

Mother and baby, photo via The Healthy Home Economist

“Warning to all parents who make healthy homemade baby formula for their children instead of feeding them toxic, GMO laced commercial formula.

DON’T tell a conventionally minded doctor about it else your baby might end up in foster care!

This is the nightmare Alorah Gellerson of Brooklin, Maine is experiencing right now because she made the mistake of telling her doctor about the homemade goat milk formula she proudly and carefully makes for her healthy, happy, three-month old son Carson.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) quickly responded when the doctor reported Alorah and that’s when things got messy. Continue reading

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Aajonus Vonderplanitz, raw milk and food rights activist, dead in Thailand

From David E. Gumpert, on The Complete Patient blog:

Aajonus with owls. Click image for source.

“Food rights activist Aajonus Vonderplanitz died in Thailand yesterday, and the circumstances of his demise reflect the way he lived–colorful and shrouded in mystery and controversy.

The 66-year-old nutritionist was, in some ways, the father of the food rights movement, having fought, often nearly alone, on various fronts over the last 15 years–in Los Angeles, in Washington DC, and in states around the country for legalization of raw milk sales and the rights of farmers to sell nutrient-dense food privately. Continue reading


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Wall Street turning against Monsanto?


Monsanto stock being dropped from hedge funds; are the markets reacting to public outrage over Monsanto’s policies?

While consumer groups and activists have been expressing outrage against the agribusiness giant Monsanto, the markets have been reacting—the massive public backlash against Monsanto’s back-door legal dealing and the health concerns over genetically modified organisms have tanked Monsanto’s ratings on Wall Street.

As a result, several hedge funds are currently dumping the corporate giant—more bad news for the Monsanto board. Continue reading


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Paleo diet getting ink in Toronto paper

From Carola Vyhnak on

“One can only guess what a cavewoman would have taken to a potluck party some 2 million years ago. But Jennifer Bruer, who’s committed to eating the way our primal ancestors did, shows up with almond-flour banana bread.

It’s a bit difficult, the modern mom admits, when “everyone else is eating pie.” But that’s a small sacrifice in return for feeling healthy and being 50 pounds lighter since starting down the paleolithic path two years ago.

Known as paleo, primal or caveman, the diet has blossomed into a lifestyle for devotees who believe the ancient past holds the secret to lean bodies and good health.

At a time when scientists are starting to grow burgers in a lab, paleo enthusiasts are going whole hog for real food, nature’s way. Food that cavemen would have consumed — although critics argue that point. Continue reading


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Alvin Schlangen convicted by a jury following double jeopardy repeat trial

From Farm to Consumer Legal Defense:

Stearns County, Minnesota—(August 5, 2013)—Peaceful farmer, Alvin Schlangen, faces five criminal charges with a possible penalty of up to 15 months imprisonment and $5,000 in fines at his trial slated to run August 13-15, 2013, in St. Cloud. Schlangen is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom having already been prosecuted—and found not guilty by a jury—in September 2012 in Hennepin County on three charges related to delivering food to members of a private buying club.

Attorney Nathan Hansen, in St. Paul retained by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF), is representing Schlangen. Hansen also handled the Hennepin trial.

Schlangen offers members of the private buying club, Freedom Farms Co-op, the benefit of his volunteer delivery service as he picks up members’ food items, including raw milk, from other farms and delivers it along with products from his Freeport farm. Horse-and-buggy farmers, who otherwise would have difficulty getting their farm products distributed, especially appreciate Schlangen’s delivery service. Continue reading

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