The raw milk learning continues with Canadian Cowshare College, Level II

Cowshare College is all about sharing the know-how required to produce safe healthy raw milk. Glencolton Farms will be offering Level II of this training on June 18, 2011. Details below:

Raw milk farmer and course leader Michael Schmidt talks with supporters at a news conference.

For those who have completed the Basics workshop, Cowshare College – Level II is a half-day workshop on Saturday, June 18, 2011, from 9 am to 1 pm, which is the final training step in the credentialing process for producers who wish to be on Cow Share Canada’s referral list.

At this session, more advanced material will be presented for a deeper understanding of cowshare programmes and the health and safety components involved.  Participants will have an opportunity to bring specific questions and challenges to the session for discussion.

To register for Cowshare College – Level II, email the appropriate form (attached) to or and put “Cowshare College – Level II” in the subject line. (Note: the Level II workshop is limited to those who have already completed the basic workshop).


Cowshare College – Level II: $150

Includes a half-day of instruction and round-table discussion led by Michael Schmidt, tour of a raw milk dairy operation (optional) with question period and refreshments.

9 am – 1:00 pm


At the end of this session, participants will be able to describe:

Challenges involved in successful creation and development of a cowshare programme

the elements involved in a safe, high-quality, legal cowshare programme

some of the legal, financial and operating issues they have experienced, with potential solutions to each

Included in this session:

a half-day of instruction and discussion with raw milk and cowshare expert Michael Schmidt

tour of a raw milk dairy operation


certificate of completion


Participants must have completed Canadian Cowshare College – The Basics before attending.  We strongly recommend that participants also complete the independent inspection.

Workshop Leader:  Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt has defended public access to healthy foods for almost two decades.  He has been the lightning rod in two major “Milk Wars” with local Boards of Health and the provincial government, spurred on by powerful industrial farming interests, and has successfully defended the rights of cowshare programme members to consume locally produced milk, produced specifically for direct consumption.  He has a Masters in Agriculture and more than 25 years’ experience in biodynamic farming.  Currently, he is involved in the rescue of a British Columbia cowherd operation, ordered to shut down by government officials.  Michael founded Cow Share Canada early in 2010, to establish a grassroots infrastructure that could connect consumers and producers.

Workshop Outline (to be confirmed)


Identification of issues, challenges and successes with participants’ cowshare/herdshare programmes in the planning and execution stages.

Round Table Discussions

Topics to be selected from issues and challenges identified by participants as outlined in application form


Optional Tour of operations, with focus on areas of specific concern to participants

Discussion – Emerging Cowshare Programmes – Starting out Right

Depending on input from participants, topics may include:

Financial, tax implications

Member relationships

Legal aspects


Breeding, feeding and animal husbandry

Farm development

Expanding the operation – programme size, items for sale

Download application form below as pdf file here.

Level II Application

Saturday, 18 June 2011, 9 am – 1 pm

Glencolton Farms, 393889 Concession Rd 2, Durham, ON

Name  ________________________________________________________________________________________

Address  ______________________________________________________________________________________


Email    ______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone/cell phone  ______________________________________________________________________________

What is the most surprising discovery you’ve made with respect to producing milk for direct consumption? _______________________________________________________________________


Have you begun a Cowshare programme? Yes ____ No  _____

What is the most serious obstacle you’ve encountered (and any potential solutions you’ve generated)


What topic(s) are most important to you to learn about now?  _______________________________________________________________________

Please return to or by mail to Glencolton Farms, RR1, Durham, ON   N0G 1R0

Workshop fee is $150.  Cheques should be payable to Cow Share Canada.  Payment is due on or before the day of the session.  Session may be cancelled if there are too few participants.

Cow Share College

I attest that I am not working as an agent for any government, that I will use the information I have access to strictly for my own purposes and that I will not share this information.

_________________________________________________________ _______________________________

Signature Date

note:  if this sent electronically, we require an electronic signature or we will require you to sign at the session.

Download above application form as pdf file here.


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2 responses to “The raw milk learning continues with Canadian Cowshare College, Level II

  1. thebovine

    Details on the basic course (Level 1) that was offered in March and which may be offered again at some point:

  2. Andrey Ivanov

    I am looking for raw milk source. How can I get a membership?
    Andrey, North York, 647 588 3995

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