This blog is about rights issues around access to raw milk. Currently we’re following the ongoing saga of Michael Schmidt, Glencolton Farms and the community of cowshare members and cow lovers that has come together around this issue of raw milk access.

We welcome comments from friends, neighbours and the general public. Feel free to share your views, feedback and opinions, especially on matters related to milk and rights.

For those reading this from somewhere else, Glencolton Farms is located in Durham, Ontario, Canada. Most of the Glencolton Farms cowshare members are located around Thornhill and Richmond Hill, which are northern suburbs of Toronto (Ontario). Durham is about 2 hours north-west of Toronto.

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We focus on their story primarily because it is on the leading edge of raw milk and food rights in Ontario.

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  1. Kurt Hick

    I grew up on raw milk in Germany just hedding over to the nerigboursd farm every second day to get another 3 ltrs.I felt better with the rraw milk compared what we could get in the stores.
    How says raw milk makes sick is generously wrong.

  2. Mark McAlister

    For me, the “right to know” about food is the priority. “Right to choose” follows from this. See the article about corn (http://www.thestar.com/article/537391) in today’s Toronto Star for a good example of a reporter who puts the spotlight on those parts of the food chain that are not mentioned in product labels or industry “nutrition guides”.

  3. alifelesssimple

    Have just found your site, very interesting. My family has two cows (I’m in the UK) and goats and next year we are going to have FAR to much milk for us, would be very interested in finding out some more details from you about cowshares, what they are, how they work, etc.

  4. Bernie Bailey

    Again we see that big can do anything it wants and the aditude of inspecters and this is what Mike is up agaist–the aditude of inspecers –my blog on the cbc news artical ———-In this article it clearly states–discretion of the inspector– and this is the problem as a person who spent thirty years in the processing business I have seen and been a victim of these civil servants who believe that big companies can do no wrong. It also identifies that some how this and all consumers are to blame and they do not take him seriously until the CBC gets involved. I had the privilege of speaking at the Michael Schmidt press conference at Queens Park on Tuesday and one reporter said that it looks like the government wants to get rid of small business, he is close, it is the civil servants who want to get rid of small business , the politicians turn a blind eye as demonstrated in my case and will in Michaels . If this had been a small manufacturer he would have been charged by now but this is Dole

    I am just one vote

  5. It is amazing how we as consumers have been “dumbed down” about our foods, thanks to media, monsanto and yours truly…our government.

    Very sad.

    With many not caring or knowing the environmental sacrifices our health, animals and land has made for conventional grown foods to get to their tables.

    The time is now for those of us who do know the truths to talk about these issues within our local communities and educate them on why it is important to support the small organic and natural family farms.

    We believe starting at this level is what will make a difference for a better future.

    Happy Farming,

    Great blog here, we’ll be talking about you!

  6. Sarah

    Sure drink Raw milk if you want to but please do not give it to your children. If you have witnessed what these bacteria can do to the intestines and the kidneys of little children… you would maybe think again about pasteurization.

    • David

      Cow’s milk is for calves, which grow from embryos to large animals in a few years. It has 4 times the fat that human milk has, and so it follows that human babies do best with human milk; not formulas, and not milk from animals.

      I fail to comprehend how raw milk can be guaranteed to be free of disease organisms, such as brucella. I know from having contracted the disease that it is no fun at all. It can eat you up and leave you paralyzed, blind, etc., so it’s no joke. Doctors in this country, as I learned, have no idea about milk borne diseases, and you’ll end up being subjected to endless tests. Meanwhile the disease progresses.

      It would make sense to regularly check cows for diseases rather than pasteurize the milk, but I think it’s dangerous to assume all the cows are healthy and hope for the best, which, so far as I’ve been able to determine, is the current approach. If I’m wrong, please enlighten me.

      For infants, one might consider goat or sheep’s milk, as a substance more similar to human milk, if one doesn’t want to nurse. It’s also better for adults, as it doesn’t overload you with excess artery clogging fat.

      It’s telling that some champion atheletes are vegan. Perhaps humans are not carnivores.

      • nora zabowski

        No one says having a disease if fun, that’s why we drink raw milk because it kicks up your immune system like no other, it has calcium that your body can actually use, unlike pasteurized milk. Raw milk has living good bacteria that attack any bad bacteria in the milk, it also is loaded with enzymes, it also has the co-enzyme lactase that helps you disgest lactose or milk sugar, so most people that can’t drink conventional milk because they’re lactose intolerant, CAN drink raw. I’ve been a nurse for over 30 yrs and I see what the medical establishment is doing to people, you get sick, they give you a drug/drugs for the symptoms instead of finding out what is wrong with you. It’s like your red engine light is on in your car, so instead of taking it in to diagnose your problem, you take a hammer and smash the dashboard so you no longer have to look at the light…….but the problem is STILL THERE, you only got rid of the symptom!!!! Cows are supposed to eat GRASS, and green plants, NOT GRAINS, grass has amazing nutrients that pass into the cows milk and to us and contain a rich supply of vitamins and minerals and the cancer fighting CLA.
        Buy the book by Sally Fallon- Nourishing Traditions, it’s a treasure trove of information on ALL food and beverage that is good for you and keeps you healthy. Unfortunately, many people are not open to learn something new even if it directly affects their health and quality of life.
        Grass fed cows are being constantly monitored for bacteria and sickness, if sick, they aren’t milked, they are fed dense nutrients until they’re well, the regular dairy cows are always sick, as they never see the sun or get fresh air, their utters are constantly infected, that’s why they are fed a steady diet of antibiotics, infected utters produce milk with PUS in it!! is that what you think is healthy??? The fat in the milk from healthy cows is good for you, it carries vitamins A,D E and K and is absorbed slowly so you feel satisfied longer and don’t overeat, or eat as often.
        I too believe it’s dangerous to ASSUME that cows are healthy, that’s why people who produce RAW dairy are audited EVERY YEAR and inspectors come and test the milk, and the conditions on the farm, which cannot be the case with conventional farms due to the filth that those poor animals are forced to live in, and in a cage as big as they are, unable to move or see their offspring. ALL outbreaks of salmonella from contaminated milk in recent decades have been from pasteurized milk.
        Illinois, 1985-huge salmonella outbreak of salmonella from pasteurized
        milk, affected 14,000 people with 1 death, that strain was also found to be penicillin and tetracycline resistant. Raw milk in time turns pleasantly
        sour and wildly nutritious, and pasteurized milk just putrifies, I’ve only hit on a few good reasons for raw………I rest my case. nora in mi

    • Deb W

      Dear Sarah, As a child, we all drank raw milk straight from the milk-house coolers and never did anyone, ever have a problem. I don’t know where your information comes from, but please do not be taken in by the fearmongering b.s. put out by those against free will. Farm families have always been able to drink their own milk are far healthier for it.

  7. Mark

    I love eating Cheese that has been made with RAW MILK. It is more healthy, (something that the NAU doesn’t want for anyone but the corrupt elites of the world),

    We can’t even purchase RAW MILK to drink for ourselves. Yet, in contrast, we can go to a doctor and get a vaccination shot, (laced with toxins, mercury, aluminum, dead cells, cancer viruses, formaldehyde, etc… ), and have it completely paid for, (even pushed on us!), by our servant government.

    Yes, this is still Canada but not for much longer. It is fading slowly into a Police State which will soon be governed by the European nations if we don’t stand up as Canadians and let the majority of Canadians know what the government really plans for the people.

  8. I may have gotten my blogspot incorrect bec. I don’t get to use it very much.

    I am a research dietitian and biologist-biochemist. I became allergic to cow’s milk when pregnant. I began drinking pasteurized and then raw goat’s milk. This helped me so much we bought land in the country and got some baby Alpine and Alpine-Nubian cross goats and soon had our own milk supply fed as naturally as possible. Later my father age 80 moved in with us after my mom died. We put him on a diet of organic fruits, vegs and cereals, lamb, poultry, rabbit, and lots of raw goats milk and cultured milk products I made myself.

    Dad was very weak when he moved to the Texas hill country, had congestive heart failure, on diuretics, could barely walk over fifty feet, etc. Lots of meds. After six months, his doctor reduced the meds in half. At eight months on raw goat’s milk, his doctors, impressed as all get-out, removed him from all medications. He was getting out and going for several mile walks, helping to bottle raise lambs and milk goats, feeding the chickens, and taking loppers and saws and going out clearing brush and playing with his dogs and cats outdoors daily. He got pretty hard to keep up with. Also we gave him trace minerals and lots of natural vitamins, natural mixed vit. E, etc. He lived to be 85 and died from complications of a community-based pneumonia that both I and my husband and half the town and most of the Texas hill country had. He also went swimming with me in the very cold Frio River in the Texas hills and decided he needed new girlfriends so he could possibly remarry. To give you a better idea of what my dietetic ideas did for him-his dad died at age 58 from health problems and his mom from a heart attack in her early seventies. If we had known about products like Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s activated hydrogen ions and minerals and MAXGXL invented by Dr. Keller, my father might still yet be alive today! Of course, he might also still be alive if the local county attorney and her husband and cronies hadn’t decided they wanted our ranch and farm and would stop at nothing to get it, including fraud, criminal acts against our family, etc. We lived then in what I call the second most crooked county in Texas.

    We settled finally with Alpines and Toggenburgs. Goats’ milk has even more healing substances in it than cows’ milk, but both carry an anti-arthritis factor wh/ is destroyed by heat of pasteurization. There are also anti-cancer factors and vitamins destroyed by heat in goats’ and sheeps’ milk. Goat milk is the closest to human milk other than sheep.

    If you are poor but would still like to get some goats’ milk by yourself, you can buy a baby dairy buck purebred for $50 or less and then try to find some Spanish or other goats that have udders as big as you can find and cross them with your dairy buck and keep crossing them back to him. You will finally end up with almost purebred milk goats. You could do a similar things with cows, get a baby dairy bull and raise him. You can share milking and cheese-making chores and equipment with a neighbor or friend. And yes, goats house-break and can be taken along on camping trips, walk on leashes and only go potty on the milking stand when they are mad at you-truth! Except when you are training them to be milked. They can also double as pack animals on camping trips as they are usually happy to be where their humans are. You have a God-given right to be in touch with the land and raise your own food and support natural farming practices.

    I suggest going also to David Icke’s website and seeing what peaceful activity can do to change a wrongful government. Some Lutheran black women in Liberia, sick of genocide and other rotten gov’t. practices are changing things just by showing up with signs and asking for their human rights. What is really funny about this is Mr. Icke, bless his adorable soul, does not like Christians, yet he is reporting on the positive changes these women are doing to change their nation.

    The laws some gov’ts. are submitting people to now are not only anti-Christian, anti-all religions and anti-human, they are just plain anti-life. Some of these laws hurt humans, animals, plants and the entire planet. Of course, we all need to wake up and be counted.

    Oh, by the way, you wake up a lot better when you turn off your TV and computer and cover them up or unplug them when you aren’t using them. Cell phone, too.

    • William Wilson

      Hi Katherine,

      I found your letter at the bovine blogspot after reading Russ’s Volatility blog this morning. Rady left a comment there. The title of today’s article is:
      What’s For Dinner: Corporate Food Tyranny (1 of 2)

      Having recently moved to NC from Arlington, TX, I can appreciate your sad experience with one of the local lawyers who is suggested to have been involved with taking away your property; lots of arcane events occur in TX.

      In any event, I found your comments regarding health effects of raw milk and other farm products to be of interest as I grew up on a small farm where we survived quite well of raw milk and other farm products during and after World War II. While I never developed a taste for goat products, your observations regarding health effects involving your father has given me some ideas as I am in my late 70s. Thanks for the anecdotes and will continue to explore this blog-site.

  9. Dear folks,
    This is not a comment to anyone else’s comment above, but just a response to your wonderful website.
    There is a Bible prophecy ignored by everyone that I have been researching along with my other equine research (independent doctoral research), ignored by Christians, by New Agers, by everyone.
    Hosea 2:14-23 and also in Isaiah. This may be in other religions, also, haven’t had time to read it there, yet. The prophecy basically describes a woman going to the wilderness where God speaks to her in a friendly way. Then she begins to sing of past times. Then God makes a covenant with the animals after which mankind is no longer able to wage war. Peace ensues and God, man, the earth, plants and animals are all able to “hear” one another. All is at peace. This is in the authorized King James version and also in the Lamsa version, a direct translation of the Aramaic language which Christ spoke.

    This was beginning to happen on our small mission church ranch in Texas. People who visited said the love they felt after passing through our gates was so strong they almost would faint from the feeling of overwhelming love. Love coming from everywhere, the land, the animals, the people. In five months, almost all of our research stallions had been killed by the neighbors by being injected with phenol, arsenic,lead and mercury. All the animals and people on the land were given the same poison. The county government did nothing but cover up for the hate crimes conducted by the neighbors. However, truth has a funny way of making its way back to the surface. You can read about our research with horses, dogs, cats and dolphins on Blogspot at americanequineresearchinstitute. We are a tax-exempt 501.c.3 and will continue to search for the truth of everything as long we draw breath.

    All of you humans out there need to keep on searching for the truth of everything, too. It’s the only way we and our world will survive. By the way, thank you Don and Carol Croft for suggesting that everyone ought to try talking with dolphins and whales. I never thought it would lead to my psychopathic neighbors putting poison in our drinking water, but I am still alive and living someplace safer with those of us who survived.

    I recently found that a Sioux chief named Black Elk had a near death vision when he was nine years old in the 1800’s. In his vision a great black stallion came to him and sang a song to him about the horses coming from all over the universe to sing and dance a song of joy. The stallion who started me on this line of my research was the great black Arabian stallion Sable Shadow, who initiated contact between himself, the other stallions who performed with me in arenas for Thundering Hooves Ministries, the mares, foals, dogs, cats, other animals at the ranch mission/research facility and dolphins down in the Gulf of Mexico. All the animals began to show greater intelligence, more cooperation with each other and the humans on the property. Things just got better and better until the alcoholic and drug addict neighbors five months later decided to drive the mission out permanently. (We had suffered hate crimes for two years already that just kept getting stepped up when local law enforcement ignored what was happening)
    The magnificent and creative, intelligent Sable Shadow who was the leader of all the horses, was one of the first to be killed (murdered, as far as I am concerned) by the neighbors while I was at work as editor of a local paper in central Texas.

    The Bible says God restores. All religions I think believe in restoration. I believe in restoration. Canadians can restore their human rights and gov’t. All people in all nations can begin to take action to restore their rights and gov’t. It is done with love and hope and gratitude for the day, not with hate. In fact, as much as we have suffered, I believe that love, hope and peace is the only way we can actually win. We are not fighting against, we are going toward a better day, a healthier planet, a happier life. Yavashua bless you all.

    Sister Katy
    Institute or
    Christ Complete Ministries
    P.O. Box 2585
    Granite Shoals, Texas 78654

  10. Well done! It is encouraging that some people in this country can think for themselves and are willing to become part of the process of creating change in government. It is what America is all about.

    Please post / email the following link to any U.S. Veterans and their families so they can add their voices to those letting our representatives know we will not stand for NAIS.



  11. Hi Richard:
    Here is the website for our holistically managed grass-finished beef operation. Hopefully one day you can come for a visit.

  12. I lived in the Swedish countryside with my 4 children, they all grew up on raw milk…since 1985. To this day they have a problem drinking “store-milk” as we call it.
    I grew up on raw milk. I do fine with raw milk whereas store-milk makes me sick.

    • connie

      I grew up drinking cow’s milk right from our own cows too, but I don’t have any trouble drinking milk from the store. But then everybody’s different.

  13. Cindy

    Iunderstand you are speaking in Guelph this Saturday with reference to an independant association for sale of milk – could I please get the address …..on the phone earlier I indicated that I might not be able to attend – what was I thinking – this is exactly what we need. This could save our farm. With thanks Cindy – Peterborough ON

  14. bahubali

    i need fresh row milk, so pl.send me your address

  15. Mugford

    This is dangerous. Don’t you people realize how dangerous unpasteurized milk is?

  16. Hi. Your blog is great! I am an young italian blogger, student in an agricultural science faculty and my family has a little dairy cattle farm in Sicily. I found your blog looking around the web about feed cow with chicken manure. I like your article about that, so I decided to translate it and repost it on my blog. Naturally citing the source…can I do it?
    (P.S.: I have to apologize for my bad English)

  17. I love your blog and appreciate the honesty with which this site persues the freedom for consumers to make choices about what we eat.

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  19. We have a small organic dairy farm in Dominican Republic, it’s for our own consumption, we love our raw milk products. Our cows are healthy and happy out in their fields, we leave the calves on the mothers for a few months so they can grow healthy and strong. I would never substitute breast milk for my children though – it’s still the best. My children never get sick, they have never been to a doctor either.

  20. ?


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  23. John Mills

    Scientists create cow that produces ‘human’ milk


    Cows can make humanized milk—but is it safe?

    Google: “human milk cows china” or “human milk cows”


  24. Hello – this is Raine Saunders from Agriculture Society. You have used some of my blog posts on your site, and while I do appreciate the support from this site on important food issues like raw milk, I also noticed that my search engine (SEO) ranking is suffering due to the listing of my articles here because we have identical content, and now my site to be listed after yours when a search is done on Google. Could you please take the necessary steps to remove those posts from my site and instead write a short introduction about each of my posts with a direct link back to my site for the viewer to read the entire post? These posts have also been used here without my express permission (copyright infringement), so I’d appreciate if that could be taken care of ASAP. Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact me at raine@agriculturesociety.com

  25. aed939

    This is an email, not a post. Alert: Here is an article on how the USDA is providing grants for a local food distribution system in Vermont and dairy processing equipment. Do you know if these USDA grants come with conditions such as not allowing raw milk to be included in the food distribution? I want to know if this federal funding program is undermining local food choice. Is this investment targeted to raw milk-legal states in order to divert milk to processing facilities? Here is the link:

  26. you take the government’s coin, you’re beholden to it and it’s anti-christ agenda
    separate yourself from the unclean thing

  27. For a while I live in Italy now and I discovered that it is possible to buy milk from vending machines on the street in various places, more than 1440 machines can be found around the country. I find the whole debate about raw milk vaery interesting and just started looking into it. On my blog you can read my first blog post about latte crudo (raw milk). You might be interested. Good luck with the raw milk battle in Canada!

  28. Mary Jo

    Those running this site are doing a great job. I can’t imagine the time and work involved. Thank you. May I suggest you have a testimonial section? For people new to the site and are still under the misconception that un-pasteurized milk is dangerous. Hearing someone’s testimony is very effectual. Also this site is best for two things: the coverage you guys put out, (which you do an excellent job), although I feel there’s too much and makes it hard to keep up, and which brings me to the second best thing this site provides; the dialogue. The exchange’s and contributions of the posters is invaluable. There are very intelligent, articulate people making comments here and contributing the our knowledge, and also strengthening our reserve. But breaking up the diaglogue damages the flow in which the exchanges occur. Do you see what I mean, or am I wrong? With so many stories flowing, the comments get moved with the stories. What I’m suggesting is a means for readers to exchange dialogue continually. I apologize if I’m over-reaching. I do so appreciate what you do here and that you have provided a means for all of us to gather, receive current news, and exchange thoughts.

  29. Ian Edgar

    What is Mr. Schmidt’s plan for health regulations for raw milk? I own a cow and drink raw milk myself, but I realize that there has to be some sort of regulation of it distribution and sale. This becomes a complicated issue, not an insurmountable one, but care needs to be taken that the common good is considered not simply the right of individuals to choose raw milk

  30. Would someone please email me the contact info of Michael Schmidt’s press person? I’m trying (again) to get him onto the National news.

  31. Charlie Vanderwilt

    We are looking for a source of raw milk on Vancouver Island in Britsh Columbia. We would be willing to join a cow share. Please send us any contacts or information you may have. Thank you.

  32. Robin P Clarke

    I strongly think you should stop referring to it as “raw” milk, which implies there’s something wrong with it until it’s been made decent by cooking. You should call it Real milk, as opposed to processed milk or heat-damaged milk.

  33. Silvie

    My grandparents had a farm at Spain. I usually drank raw milk without pasteurizing or boiling and i never had a problem, but not only me, but also my mother, her 6 brothers and my 16 cousins!!!! Your can drink pasturized milk if you want, but people HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

  34. Debbie M.

    We are interested in a source for raw milk and cream in the Jarvis, Ont. area. Would be pleased to subscribe if a local raw milk producer is available. Could you please let us know if one is near us?
    Thank you

  35. John Kettle

    There is an article about raw milk in The New Yorker issue of April 30, which just arrived in my email.
    John Kettle

  36. aed939

    Brilliant blog about putting raw milk risk in proper perspective:


  37. Bovine……
    My recent posts have not been showing up.
    If there is a problem with any of my posts? You could at least have the decency on commmunicating with me if there is.
    Thank You

  38. thebovine

    inalienable: I believe we’ve approved all your comments in moderation. As of now there are none of yours awaiting moderation. So they should all be there, unless by some glitch they didn’t come through to the control panel.

  39. Thank you Sir for your prompt answer.
    I believe a few were just lost, but that happens from time to time.
    I really wanted your email but if that is not possible then so be it.

  40. BC Food Security

    Alien :
    Regardless commenting on a blog should not be competition to see who has more TESTOSTERONE energy (ladies included) !
    We seek here to build on what each one is saying here and not to destroy any and everything that does not fit our current understanding and paradigm.

  41. BC please quite being so clueless.

    If I took your view, perhaps I would ask you to quit competing for who has the most estrogen.

    This is about the truth BC. Respond to what you disagree with please don’t blame it on my endocrine system.

  42. Jorrit Wit

    I drank unpasteurized milk for more than 10 years as a kid. Never an issue athe time. My lactose intolerance did not start until years of pasteurized dairy. I don’t know if there is a connection.

    I know Michael well and I can vouch for his integrity for those who want to do business with him.

    Anyways all the best Michael, and keep up the good fight!

  43. terry wingrove

    hi looking for email address for cow share canada sent cheque and info have not recieved anything just wondering if i can talk to someone thanks terry wingrove

  44. I don’t know if you are still active in your pursuit, but hope you are! I am sick and tired of hearing and reading about the atrocities that have been forced upon the food chain, animal and human alike! New technology and scientific advancement to what end? It’s a pity money trumps the health and well being of living things! I’ve lost my appetite…….

    Good luck and if you know where I can buy raw milk products in the Ottawa area, please let me know!


  45. Jeanne Marie

    I live in Grande Prairie Alberta & am looking for raw goat’s milk or cow’s milk.
    If there’s any raw milk close (up to 2 hours away) to Grande Prairie, I’d be willing to subscribe. Thank you, Jeanne

  46. Corey johnson

    Does anyone know where to get raw milk in victoria, British Columbia? Trying to find some and it seems we haven’t found the right people. You can email me at coreyj20@live.com. Thank you for your time!!

  47. Michael, you are one of humanity’s Best of the Best. Right on par with Hero’s or freedom like Ron Paul. Even though I couldn’t make it out to physically support you today, I want you to know that I think about you all of the time (especially when I drink my raw milk) and can’t thank you enough for it. I don’t know if my pic shows up with my comment, but that is what your raw milk has done for me. The only ones against you are the ones who are too dumb to know or simply love being sprayed virtually daily with chemtrails and poisoned by GMO’s and vaccines — all 3 of which Bill Gates is strongly in favor of. And guess what, Bill Gates is right on YouTube giving a video saying we have too many people in the world (bogus) and if he does a really good job with getting everyone vaccinated in the world among other things, he can kill at least 1 billion people. And you think he wants to help you?. For all the Police out there reading this, guess what, that means you and your family too! Check it out yourself and look into the sky once in a while to see the chemtrails and then learn about them from John Hammell at IAHF or Aircrap or anything. They aren’t just after us. They are after you too. THANKS MICHAEL.

  48. Barb

    hey does anyone know if raw goat’s milk will help cure or improve the symptoms associated with these diseases: ascites, diverticulitis and bone/ovarian/breast cancer (not sure which one we’re dealing with yet- my loved one_

    thank you. a reply would be lovely since it’s urgent. i appreciate this blog very much. thank you thank yoU!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Barb

    really interested in finding out if anyone knows or has any clues. thank you.

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