Michael Schmidt Updates

If you’ve looking for Michael Schmidt related news and updates on the Bovine it can sometimes be difficult because of the large volume of posts dealing with other raw milk news. That’s why we’ve set up this page with links specifically to posts dealing with the Michael Schmidt case.

April 16, 2016

Raw Milk in Ontario is no longer just about Michael Schmidt

In the photo above Michael Schmidt is posing with respected raw milk author David Gumpert and painter Lynn Maderich. In the background is the oil painting Lynn made featuring some North American raw milk rebels.

March 1, 2014 update:

Why Michael Schmidt’s Appeal Matters

Michael Schmidt Legal News Roundup

GMOs in Australia; Raw Milk in Ontario

Raw Milk – From Science to Policy

43 Mainstream Media Outlets Cover Michael Schmidt’s Raw Milk Appeal

Raw Milk Gets Its Day in Court – Feb 5th

February 3, 2014 update:

Michael Schmidt’s appeal of his Ontario raw milk conviction will be heard Feb 5th at Osgoode Hall in Toronto. Detailed in the following stories:

Michael Schmidt and Raw Milk in Court Feb. 5th

Michael Schmidt Challenges Canada on Raw Milk Freedom

Raw Milk Showdown at Osgoode Hall

20 Years of the Raw Milk Struggle

Latest Development in the Shropshire Sheep Case

February 22, 2013 update:

Michael Schmidt has just completed six days of trial in BC on contempt of court charges. Here’s his report on that: Part 1, Part 2

On the sheep-napping conspiracy front, Michael is scheduled to appear in court in Cobourg, Ontario on March 27th for the hearing of that case.

And the 20 raw milk charges from the 2006 raid on his farm, on which he was first acquitted and then subsequently convicted, will be reviewed again in another court of appeal, likely some time in spring of 2013

Meanwhile, there’s a raw milk symposium planned for April in Vancouver. This was originally going to be last October but was rescheduled to April of 2013.

January 14, 2013 update:

Michael Schmidt off to court later this month

Michael Schmidt conducts Handel’s Messiah

July 18, 2012 update:

Michael Schmidt will be back in court July 26th. Stay tuned for further details.

November 9th, 2011 update:

Michael Schmidt finally met with Premier McGuinty for a preliminary discussion last week. This was also the occasion for Michael to end his 37 day hunger strike. Upcoming on the event horizon are November 23rd rallies across Canada in support of raw milk and food rights, and sentencing for Michael Schmidt on those 15 charges from 2006 on which he was convicted on the Province’s appeal in late September of this year, after previously having been acquitted in January of 2010.

September 29, 2011 update:

Ontario Judge affirms dairy laws

Court convicts raw milk farmer — Toronto Sun

The Globe and Mail reports on Michael’s conviction

Court rules against raw milk farmer — Toronto Star

Canadian Press story in the Winnipeg Free Press

Let’s make raw milk an election issue

Michael Schmidt found guilty on 15 of 19 charges on appeal

Report from the Prague conference in May 2011 at which Michael Schmidt spoke

Pat Winter’s vigil at the courthouse waiting for the verdict

Owen Sound Sun Times reports on delay in decision announcement

Vancouver Sun reports decision delayed

Raw milk news conference at the Blue Bus

Announcement of appeal ruling postponed yet again

B.C. contempt of court charges

Raw milk decision expected Tuesday

Appeal verdict announcement news conference

Raw milk pantheon painting time lapse

The week ends with no word on the Province’s appeal

Will Verdict be announced today?

Report on Farmshare members meeting

September 20, 2011 update:

Vernon Herschberger inspired by Michael Schmidt

ONE — countdown to a postponed verdict

Schmidt raw milk appeal verdict put off

Michael Schmidt appeal decision postponed until next week

Two days to go to appeal verdict

Three days to a verdict on raw milk appeal

Four — Michael Schmidt’s countdown

Five more days to go

Glencolton Farms at Feast of Fields

Seven Days until the raw milk appeal verdict

Fraser Health searches “Our Cows” raw milk farm

Michael Schmidt’s countdown — Eight days to go

Nine days to go to the raw milk appeal decision

Ten days to the raw milk appeal ruling

Michael Schmidt on how we keep missing the point

September 2, 2011 update:

Michael Schmidt’s statement regarding Fraser Health action re “Our Cows” in Chilliwack B.C.

Chilliwack Progress story about Fraser Health searching “Our Cows”

FDA spying on farmers is like the Michael Schmidt case

August 17, 2011 update:

Interview with Michael Schmidt about recent events and outlook for the appeal

Dutch farmers visit Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms

Michael Schmidt to speak at Liberty Summer Seminar

Lawyer Karen Selick visits Michael Schmidt at Glencolton Farms

New Generation Five Raw Milk Blue Bus now in service

Decision on the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt case delayed until September 16th

New Glencolton Farms Blue Bus

New Blue Bus is Being Made

Michael Schmidt reports on the conference in Prague

Goodbye to Fourth Raw Milk Blue Bus

Michael Schmidt makes hay with his sons

Michael Schmidt to speak at Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto

The politics of raw milk in Ontario

Decision on the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s acquittal to be announced September 16th

Award winning movie on Michael Schmidt “Milk War” screened in New York

Edmonton raw milk court case wrapped up June 9th

Michael Schmidt’s report from Prague conference, part 1

Michael Schmidt goes to Edmonton for court case

“Milk War” movie about Michael Schmidt screening in New Jersey

Michael Schmidt in Europe

Michael Schmidt interviewed on Sun TV by Ezra Levant

Story about Glencolton Farms on “Toronto the Good” blog

May 11, 2011 update:

Michael’s keynote address at 3rd annual raw milk symposium in Minnesota

Milk War movie wins James Beard award in New York

More Raw Milk Symposium proceedings

Pictures from Raw Milk Symposium

Reflections on the raw milk moovement in Alberta

Surprising developments in Alberta

Cowshare College 2

Milk War movie review in BlogTO

Cow Share Canada accredited farm targeted by Gov’t agents

A line in the dirt — cow share farmers and raw milk drinkers stand up to harassment

Milk War movie producer interviewed

Regulators on the march in Ontario

Michael Schmidt interviewed on SunTV

Michael Schmidt to conduct Good Friday concert

March 6, 2011 update:

Cows, raw milk and marketing boards

Cowshare College basics course March 19, 2011

More on that Cowshare College course

B.C. radio host who interviewed Michael in September is new B.C. Premier

Ignoring Ontario’s Cowshare ruling will endanger future access to raw milk

A Modern Day Canadian Hero — Michael Schmidt at Slow Food in Edmonton

Food Rights a matter of the will

International Raw milk symposium in Minnesota

Why I’m committed to seek cooperation with government and regulators

Global TV covers Edmonton raw milk case

Michael’s report on the Edmonton court proceedings

Michael Schmidt to speak at Prague raw milk symposium in May

B.C.’s Fraser Health to refrain from further enforcement pending Charter challenge

Why the Alberta Cowshare case is crucial for Canada

Another review of Milk War movie debut in Vancouver

February 8, 2011 update:

A Tale of Two Calves — top story of all time — and the hits just keep on coming

Milk War movie screenings in Vancouver and Nelson B.C.

Extensive interview with Michael at the Vedic Harmony Centre

Michael included in painting of raw milk luminaries

News report from the Wisconsin workshop with Scott Trautman and Michael Schmidt

Pictures Michael sent from Wisconsin visit

January 12, 2011 update:

Michael Schmidt reports from Alberta Health Board hearing in Edmonton

We can introduce new evidence and expand our constitutional argument

Markus Schmidt with his dad Michael, in the cow barn at Glencolton Farms.

January 3, 2011 update:

Michael Schmidt’s raw milk power point presentation from the National Farmers Union convention in Saskatoon in Dec. 2010

Michael Schmidt’s Cow Share College to be offered across Canada in 2011 says Vancouver Sun

Michael Schmidt’s Open Letter to Government Officials

December 23, 2010 update:

Michael Schmidt WILL be able to introduce new evidence to counter the Province’s appeal of his January 2010 acquittal

December 14, 2010 update:

News stories continue to appear from Michael Schmidt’s visits to Saskatoon and Regina earlier this month. Here are a few of those:

Raw milk adds fresh touch to holiday foods

Pasteurized milk causes more diseases than we think

Regina Leader Post on Michael Schmidt and raw milk

CBC-TV Saskatoon interviews National Farmers Union raw milk workshop participants

Michael Schmidt a guest on CBC Radio call-in program in Saskatoon

SAIT student newspapers takes up the raw milk issue


Michael Schmidt shares a little of his personal political philosophy in this think piece on the power of the positive NO

December 2, 2010 update:

News Flash via Facebook: Debate between Michael Schmidt and a public health representative at the National Farmers Union conference in Saskatchewan this week is ON. That is, it is going to take place after all. There was some uncertainty there for a while.

December 1 2010 update:

December 1st: Michael is leaving tomorrow for a visit to Saskatchewan where he will meet with people interested in raw milk cowsharing and also where he will hopefully still take part in a panel discussion on raw milk regulation and safety at the convention of the National Farmers Union. We’ll be hearing more about all that shortly.

No word yet from the judge regarding whether additional evidence will be allowed at the Province’s appeal of the January 2010 acquittal. The delay in this decision may delay the hearing of the appeal according to Michael, due to deadlines within the judicial system.

January 2010 updates:

Michael Schmidt speaks truth to power

Karen Selick writes to the government on behalf of her client Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt’s Blessings for 2010

Durham’s Dairy Desperado

Glencolton Farms starts it’s own study of raw vs pasteurized

December 2009 updates:

Michael Schmidt’s New Years’ Message

Michael Schmidt at Max Kane trial

Radio Raw Milk

Edgar Cayce Diet Plan on Michael Schmidt

Charges Stayed for Michael Schmidt in Site 41 Case

Michael Schmidt calls Police because of threat from MNR officer

Brief History of Raw Milk in Ontario

Raw Milk a Charter Issue — Karen Selick

Michael Schmidt Nov. 17 Press Conference

Canadian Constitution Foundation to take Michael Schmidt’s raw milk case

News Conference tomorrow at Queen’s Park

November 2009 updates:

Michael Schmidt to speak at Weston A Price conference in Chicago this month

Press Conference planned for Queens Park Nov 17 to mark 3rd anniversary of raid on Glencolton Farms

October 2009 updates:

Glencolton Farms Fall Fest 2

Glencolton Farms Fall Fest 1

Micheal Schmidt and other site 41 protesters remanded until December 3, 2009

Dr. Ted Beals on the Michael Schmidt trial

DRIVEN magazine does a feature on Michael Schmidt and raw milk

Glencolton Farms raw milk a big hit at Feast of Fields in Kleinburg

Michael Schmidt story in a nutshell

Verdict in Michael Schmidt raw milk case to be delivered Jan. 21, 2010

Eight Days of Resistance — Michael Schmidt talks about the fight over Site 41

Tornado Damage pictures from Michael Schmidt’s farm in Durham

Michael Schmidt’s blockade and arrest at Site 41

You can help finance Glencolton Farms

From Cow-Share to Farm-Share

Here are some updates from May 2009:

May 16, 2009: Michael Schmidt to give keynote address at Holistic Nutrition Conference

May 11, 2009: Michael Schmidt makes Toronto Life’s Top 50 reasons to love Toronto

May 9, 2009: Michael Schmidt talks to “The Activist”

May 7, 2009: A tale of Two Canadian Public Health cases

May 5, 2009: Mucking around in the political matrix

Here are 12 stories from March 2009 directly related to Michael Schmidt:

March 29, 2009: Michael Schmidt interviews himself for the Bovine

Roundup #12 includes two reviews of the Michael Schmidt film

On the Blue Bus with ichannel TV

Finding raw milk in the Toronto area

Political insights from a second viewing of the Michael Schmidt documentary

Why not let people make their own decisions

Comments 7-1 in favour of raw milk in Winnipeg Sun re-run of Connie Woodcock’s anti-raw-milk rant

Sally Fallon refutes claims by Toronto newspaper columnists who diss raw milk

Poem by a cow share member

Toronto columnist down on raw milk

Farmer Schmidt goes to Washington

A tale of two raw milk symposiums

Feb 26, 2009 update: Michael is back from the IAFP raw milk symposium in Virginia and is working on some stories for the Bovine which we should be seeing here before too long. A decision on the court case is not expected til August, or so we read in the papers. Meanwhile, the defenders of pasteurized dairy are out in force, as shown by today’s Globe and Mail story. We should have that up on the Bovine tomorrow.

There’s a lot of more recent stuff, in fact almost all the more recent stuff through to about February 10th, 2009 has been Michael Schmidt related. Unfortunately we haven’t had time to list it all here..

Jan 19, 2009 Will Say from MNR Investigator Brett Campbell

Jan 18, 2009 Will Say from Susan Atherton, part 2

Jan 17, 2009 Will Say from MNR Investigator Susan Atherton, part 1

Jan 16, 2009 The Crown’s Case against Michael Schmidt, part 2

Jan 15, 2009 The Crown’s Case against Michael Schmidt, part 1

Jan. 12, 2009 Michael Schmidt back in the news — Calgary Herald story

Jan 11, 2009 Raw Milk Symposium — speakers include Michael Schmidt

Dec 27, 2008 Michael Schmidt’s Christmas Message

Dec 26, 2008 Michael Schmidt’s expert witnesses for the trial in January

Dec 24, 2008 Michael Schmidt Pre-trial hearing

Dec 20, 2008 Raw Milk roundup #3

Dec 19, 2008 Raw Milk Symposium being planned for Toronto Jan 30, 31, 2009

Dec 17, 2008 Michael Schmidt’s pre-trial hearing Dec. 22, 2008 in Newmarket

Dec 12, 2008 Raw milk roundup #2

Dec 11, 2008 Michael Schmidt’s presentation at yesterday’s Queen’s Park press conference

Dec 11, 2008 New Private Members bill to permit direct sales of milk from farm

Dec 9, 2008 Queen’s Park Press Conference Announcement for Dec 10, 2008 with Michael Schmidt and Randy Hillier

Dec 8, 2008 Court of Public Opinion Dec 11, ’08

Dec 5, 2008 A letter from Michael to cowshare members and supporters

Dec 5, 2008 Raw milk debated at Queen’s Park Dec. 2

Dec 5, 2008 More feedback from Globe and Mail readers

Dec 4, 2008 MPP Randy Hillier supports Michael Schmidt

Dec 4, 2008 Raw milk producer fined — Globe and Mail readers speak up

Dec 4, 2008 Criminalizing raw milk makes Canada look ignorant

Dec 4, 2008 Prosecuting Michael Schmidt tarnishes Canada’s image

Dec 3, 2008 Michael Schmidt responds to the contempt sentence

Dec 2, 2008 Michael Schmidt sentenced: $5,000 fine + $50,000 costs

Nov 27, 2008 Four Amigos at Queen’s Park

Nov. 19, 2008 Star reader weigh in on Michael’s comments on the milk board

Nov 19, 2008 Canadian Press report on Michael’s Nov. 18 news conference

Nov 17, 2008 About the “anniversary of the raid” press conference

Nov 17, 2008 Mr. Schmidt goes to California, shows movie

Nov 13, 2008 Univ. of Alberta Law Professor writes about the case in Lawyers Weekly

Nov 10, 2008 The Bovine comments on the community support aspect of the Michael Schmidt case

Nov 10, 2008 An American Writer comments on his reaction to seeing the raw milk movie

Nov 9, 2008 One of Michael’s Cow-share members hugs “her cow”

Nov 8, 2008 Commentary on Michael’s case in the Vancouver Province

Nov 8, 2008 A public citizen writes a letter to the editor of the Owen Sound Sun Times

Nov 7, 2008 CBC adds warning to website story about raw milk movie

Nov 7, 2008 Michael Schmidt to speak in California at WAPF Wise Traditions

Nov 5, 2008 Commentary in Owen Sound Sun Times and Woodstock Sentinel-Review

Nov 2, 2008 “Contempt trial an abuse of process” Michael writes in Owen Sound Sun Times

Nov 1, 2008 This Magazine interviews director of raw milk film

Oct 31, 2008 Two readers take columnist John Doyle to task for dissing raw milk

Oct 30, 2008 Viewer comments about raw milk movie broadcast on cbc.ca

Oct 30, 2008 The Bovine comments on common ground with the DFO

Oct 30, 2008 New surveillance system at Glencolton Farms

Oct 29, 2008 A reader writes to the Owen Sound Sun Times

Oct 29, 2008 Comments on cbc web page about movie

Oct 29, 2008 Readers set columnist John Doyle straight about raw milk issues

Oct 28, 2008 About John Doyle’s review of raw milk movie

Oct 28, 2008 Michael Schmidt movie to air on CBC Newsworld

Note: there are earlier stories related to Michael Schmidt but we haven’t indexed them yet.

Michael Schmidt outside the blue bus. Toronto Star photo

Michael Schmidt outside the blue bus. Toronto Star photo

33 responses to “Michael Schmidt Updates

  1. Will Ron Paul End the Ban on Raw Milk?

    U.S. Congressman Ron Paul has introduced HR 778, a bill “to authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption.”

    Under the bill, the federal government could not “take any action … that would prohibit, interfere with, regulate, or otherwise restrict the interstate traffic of milk, or a milk product, that is unpasteurized and packaged for direct human consumption solely on the basis that the milk or milk product is unpasteurized.”

    Passage of the bill into law would repeal a current federal regulation prohibiting raw milk and raw milk products for human consumption in interstate commerce. The bill would not force a state to legalize the sale of raw milk from local producers, nor would it force a state to allow the sale of raw milk from out-of-state producers in its retail stores. The bill would, however, enable consumers to enter into transactions to obtain raw milk and raw milk products from other states without the transactions being in violation of federal law.

    The consumption of raw milk is legal in every U.S. state, but its sale is currently illegal in about half of them.

  2. thebovine

    Mr. Ron Paul seems like a wise man.

    We need people like him to take up the reins of power in America.

    Personally I think the Republicans could have won the last election if they had chosen Ron Paul when they had the chance to do so.

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  4. Isabelle

    It seems I need to leave a comment to get updates from this blog so here goes….

  5. Ruth Stone

    Just watched the documentary “Milk Wars” and was greatly impressed by Mr. Schmidt’s steadfast refusal to be over-run by our wonderful Canadian bureaucracy. I raise another well-known but sadly overlooked bovine called the Dexter which is also well suited to milk production on sparse rations. I don’t have a bank loan for my cattle and I don’t accept the government handouts either. I commend you Mr. Schmidt on your determination and good taste in cattle!

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  7. Qzr

    Hello! Help me get raw milk. I live in Toronto

    my email: qzr900@gmail.com

    Please email me any information regarding where and how I can get raw milk!

    Thank you

  8. Keep me posted please.
    Looking forward to the final verdict.

  9. Stephanie Sprenger

    Michael Schmidt I support you! I have contacted my MPP to assert my support for this dialogue with the premiere. Thank you for taking a stand on this issue, and thank you for raising awareness of it with such a self-sacrificing gesture. You will get your date with McGuinty.

  10. I found out about Michael’s Hunger Strike at Occupy. So I offer this tip to add to his power… If you can watch the sunrise every morning the sun will supply you with energy… as you are becoming a light being, you can revitalize yourself with sun, moon and starlight. I prefer to get up while it is dark and get the love of Venus too, however just the energy from going from dark to light at sunrise will feed your body in ways even milk cannot (it is one step closer than chlorophyll)… hope it helps.

    • Raoul

      Good idea.
      He is a farmer so he automatically gets up before sunrise without even trying. Living out in the countryside it is hard not to be in tune with the forces of nature. On top of everything he is a Biodynamic Farming expert and Biodynamics is all about effectively combining and integrating the usual physical farming methods with the etheric and esoteric forces at large. How else do you think he could have gotten this far with this incredible movement if he did not understand these things ? He does the work of 100 people already !
      I wonder what Rudolph Steiner had to say about the power of the
      sunrise ?
      On the other hand there is always more to learn about how to effectively use energy and consciousness to infuse greater light into whatever one is trying to achieve in one’s lifework.
      So i thank you for your input .

  11. Michael I visited your farm and had lunch with you and your family about 15 years ago. I had friends that were working on your farm and I really enjoyed learning about biodynamic farming.

    i came accross this picture and thought you might find it humorous!


    keep up all the good work, Much support!


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  16. Mark Biernat

    Dear Michael,
    I just read a piece about your story in the Globe and Mail today.
    Quite a hypocrisy when the government cites public health laws to prevent you from selling your milk, and stops freedom of choice, when the same government allows tobacco sales.
    I am not sure if drinking your milk is for me, but I do support you 100% on your quest for the right to promote your product and for allowing the consumer the choice.
    Thank you for your dedication – it is about so much more that milk.
    Mark Biernat
    Montreal QC

  17. jenny allen

    please help me feed my little ones raw milk in edmonton alberta area…any info would be so appreciated!!! jl.ichthus@gmail.com

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  20. Cindy

    I want to buy raw milk. I live in toronto. My email is cindy_goh78@yahoo.ca. Please point me to the direction I can buy it on a regular basis.

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  28. John Ivanyi, P. Eng.

    The difference between mamallian and reptillian life was created to assure the necessary transfer of digestive transfer of microbes between mother and child. Therein the need for a large volume of eggs was avoided. In addition the need for a mother child transfer of information and intelligent society was formulated and allowed evolve.

  29. John Ivanyi

    Further to my earlier two statements; Birds are similar to mammals have limited eggs and resultant children given they transfer digestive microbes by predigesting food before transferring it along with microbes to the chick. Further considerations exist but are limited in scope.

  30. John Ivanyi

    Further to my earlier two statements; Birds are similar to mammals have limited eggs and resultant children given they transfer digestive microbes by predigesting food before transferring it along with microbes to the chick. Further considerations exist but are limited in scope.

    Data exists indicating based partly on speculation that digestive microbes pre-date life on this planet, and therein emphasizes it’s importance to assuring a factor of safety in life as we understand it in general.

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