Glencolton Farms starts its own study on raw versus pasteurized milk.

Experimental subject Mr Pasteur is on pasteurized milk

Experimental subject Mr. Rawky is on raw milk.

So just because no universities that we’ve heard of are undertaking such studies doesn’t mean they won’t be carried out by concerned citizens. In the story that follows, Michael Schmidt outlines Glencolton Farms’ latest foray into the realm of scientific research:

“In 1995 I offered the Milk Marketing Board, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Health our farm as a research farm to explore together the effects of raw milk versus pasteurized milk.

Our first study in 1995 to 2006 was to produce milk safe for human consumption. It included years of baseline testing by an independent researcher for pathogens and also the absence of reported illnesses linked to our raw milk for 20 years.

Our second study  started 4 weeks ago with 2 calves as you see them in the pictures.

They were born almost the same day, they received colostrum for two weeks and then were examined by a licensed veterinarian.

After his examination we changed the feeding to pasteurized homo milk for the one calf, which we call Mr. Pasteur.

The other calf we call Mr. Rawky and is fed only raw milk.

We are working together with some of our chefs in Toronto to also evaluate the meat and do blind tasting in the restaurant.

We will bring here on the Bovine updates on the progress of this feeding trial. We will have monthly evaluation reports written by our licensed veterinarian.

We also will have another research trial starting in January 2010 with 6 pairs of rats. Three pairs will be fed pasteurized milk and the other three raw milk. This research trial will be a multi- generational trial and we will invite our expert pathologist Dr Ted Beals from Michigan to examine all the animals in respect to organ development and appearance.

Both research trials are under the supervision of Elisa VanderHout B.Sc. (Agr) with a specialty in Animal Science.”

— Michael Schmidt


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7 responses to “Glencolton Farms starts its own study on raw versus pasteurized milk.

  1. I’m glad to see some modern studies on raw versus pasteurized milk. Feeding studies of this type were done in the early 1900’s but are largely dismissed or ignored now because they are so old. I especially like the idea of the rat study and recommend that they feed the rats only milk and nothing else to fully test whether raw milk or pasteurized milk can provide all the sustenance a mammal needs. My guess is that raw whole milk is a complete food and rats eating it exclusively will be quite healthy. I also expect that rats given only standard commercial pasteurized homogenized milk will not thrive, but this will be a very interesting and important test.

  2. Michael

    This our intent. The rats will be given only milk. The calves will be getting hay for their proper digestion,

    Both calves will get the best hay from our farm. It will be very interesting to see how both will manage.

    You will get updates. I do feel the same about the fact that there are no studies and no willingness to study this issue. So we will see.

    Regards Michael

  3. thebovine

    So Michael,

    Will Mr. Pasteur be getting store-bought milk, or will you just take Glencolton Farms milk and pasteurize it for him?

    If it’s storebought will it also be homogenized?

    Will it be organic? Or just regular commercial milk?

    Enquiring minds want to know….

  4. Michael

    Homo milk from Beatrice. Bought at our local store.
    Not organic but everything else. Vitamin D enriched, pasteurized, homogenized. Remember the crowns expert witnesses said the milk is as good or even better than pasteurized, because only the good stuff is in it and all the bad bacteria are gone!!!!!!!!!!after you pasteurize.

  5. shane

    I eagerly await the results of these tests. I do wish to point out that this is not a test of raw milk vs pasteurized milk. It is a test of raw milk vs processed milk – pasteurized, homogenized and standardized.

    I think the results of your own milk being fed raw or pasteurized would be even more interesting. I also expect that larger study groups would be more useful.

  6. Michael

    I would welcome a larger study. This is just the beginning.
    Mainstream researchers avoiding this subject. Remember dairy research at the university in Guelph is heavily funded by those who do not wish to reveal the facts about the ill effects of over processed milk.
    Lets see what results we get.

  7. This is a great idea. Just like Price-Pottenger research on cats. We definitely need all farmers to start generating the evidence that supports whole, raw milk!

    I get tired of the lame “science doesn’t support the claims of raw milk proponents.” People need to realize that the science they are talking about is bought and paid for by the opponents to raw milk. They ignore any evidence to the contrary.

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