Looking for raw milk in Louisiana

Looking for raw milk

Looking for raw milk

Further to our last post (see below) about raw milk being driven by consumer demand, here’s a case in point: A 23 year old former librarian now living in northern Louisiana with her husband of 4 years is looking for a legal source of raw milk. Here’s her story, or the beginning of it at least.

Read the whole story complete with comments on her blog.

“My current quest is to find raw milk.

It’s been going on for a few weeks now.

I believe I finally have a contact or two that will pan out.

I also got in touch with the State Office here and found out the regulations. I don’t want to do anything illegal and I don’t want to get any dairy farmers in trouble!

For anyone interested, it is technically legal to buy raw milk for animal consumption in Louisiana. Hey, the state believes in evolution, so am I an animal?

Well, I don’t really want to do it that way, since I’d be lying (even if the state believes that humans are just highly evolved animals) .

But I can also buy a share in a cow and then pay a handler’s fee or something to the farmer and get milk that way, if I can find a farmer that’s willing. This process will probably only be legal for another couple of years because the state is working on outlawing it.

So there. If I can find a willing dairy farmer, I’m all set. For the next couple of years anyway.

You know, I think it’s easier in this city to buy illegal drugs or for teens to obtain alcohol than for a person to buy raw milk!…”

Read all the comments here on her blog.



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32 responses to “Looking for raw milk in Louisiana

  1. We are moving to Jackson, Louisiana this week. Do you have a raw milk source in the Baton Rouge area?

    Here in Colorado we’ve been getting six gallons a week of the most wonderful milk, completely grassfed. I don’t know how we’ll survive without it! We plan to rent and look for an acreage so we can have our own cow, but in the meantime we’re needing milk!

    Thank you….

  2. We have opened our cow share. We are near Lafayette Louisiana. Please visit my blog to get more info. Or email me.

  3. claudia laborde

    Did anyone find a source of raw milk near Lafayette or Baton Rouge La?

  4. I am moving from England (where I can buy fresh free range eggs and raw milk anywhere and easily) back to my home of Southwest Louisiana. I am curious how the cow share program works and what I need to do in order to get involved in one. The area I will be in is mainly a rice, crawfish, soybean producing area and I do not know of one dairy farmer in the area but we are only about 30 miles from Lafayette so I do not have a problem driving to get it.

  5. Penny Trosclair

    I live in Lacombe, LA. Just North of Lake Pontchartrain and New Orleans. I am also looking for where I can buy raw milk. I know I could drive to Mississippi and get some, but the only places in Mississippi that I’ve found are about 3 to 4 hours away. Please e-mail me is you find something out. I’d be willing to drive to New Orleans, if necessary.

  6. Jessica

    I’m at Fort Polk, LA and I recently just got a couple Nigerian Dwarf goats, a buck and a doe. I can’t wait to get milk from her and I can’t wait to get more does! 😛 Crazy it’s illegal to get raw milk!

  7. jill

    I am in New Orleans and am interested in getting raw milk. Anyone from NOLA getting raw milk anywhere? Please email me w any info…jilldunchick@hotmail.com


  8. Amanda

    In new orleans and want raw milk too.
    Please email me with any information
    amandahelm8@gmail. om

  9. Pompo Bresciani

    me too I would love to get raw milk I ‘m in Metaire

    Canon at pompo dot com

  10. I am interested in getting raw milk. I just found out that I have pre-cancer, and I am changing my diet. Please contact me at lleft82@gmail.com

    • Lisa Lama

      raw milk does not cure cancer. What it does do, though, is to provide a surplus of enzymes. I urge you to find out what Dr William Donald Kelly had to say about the lack of sufficient enzymes and/ or the right ones, as the underlying cause of cancer.
      investigate the Budwig Protocol : “Too simple and too cheap”, but it’s far and away the best success rate of all the alternative cures. Johanna Budwig had both a general theory of what goes on with cancer, as well as a remedy that works
      G Edward Griffin wrote “World Without Cancer” about 30 years ago, as he cured himself of cancer. He said “only after the person with cancer quits relying on mainstream medicine, can he begin to heal himself’ ( paraphrase)

  11. Brandon

    Looking for a raw milk source in north louisiana!

  12. Al Russell

    Looking for raw milk in the Houma, Louisiana area. Email rigs@charter.net wtih any information. THANKS!!

  13. Looking and willing to partner on a cow or goats, please let me know how I can hook this up. I live in Covington, LA.

  14. Maria

    Dear Raw Milk Lovers,

    I am a journalism student at the University of New Orleans writing a feature article on the concerns surrounding the sale of raw milk in Louisiana. I would love to speak with someone about the benefits of raw milk consumption and the situation of it being illegal in the state of Louisiana. If anyone has any stories of interest, particularly reasons why you believe in its benefits, please let me know. I will be filing my article this Wednesday, September 25. Please contact me if there is any possibility of a brief conversation. Thank you!

    Maria Bruce

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