Michael Schmidt to speak at raw milk conference May 20th, 2011 in Prague

Image above from the conference poster. Click image to download poster (711 Kb pdf file)

The conference will be in conjunction with the First International Conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research Prague, Czech Republic, 20 May 2011, 11-18 h

Organisation: Department for Biodynamic Agriculture of the University of Kassel

The focus of the symposium will be on: Understanding the health benefits and value of fresh, unprocessed whole milk, and management of the possible risks of bacterial diseases from raw milk consumption. The goal of the symposium is to present and discuss the contradictive aspects of (raw) milk in relation to animal and human health. New scientific research findings will be presented about the different health and hazard aspects of raw milk examining the questions:

– What are the pros and cons of the consumption of raw milk?

– How can we handle the dangers (risks) of raw milk consumption for groups of people for whom raw milk might be very supportive for their personal health?

Milk has different faces: on one hand milk contains important food allergens; on the other hand, there is accumulating evidence that raw milk protects against asthma and atopic diseases. Milk can become a source of zoonotic bacteria and the public is advised to consume only heat treated milk (pasteurized, sterilized); while on the other hand drinking raw milk has been shown to be a contributing protective factor in development of the immune systems of babies and children. Milk is included in the recommended list of foods to be avoided because butter fat is a saturated fat; on the other hand milk from grass-based systems is a valuable and readily available source of long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids (CLA’s) with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids occurring in ideal ratio (in whole milk).

Preliminary list of invited speakers and their provisional themes (among others):

Professor Dr Charlotte Braun-Fahrländer, Univ. Basel: Raw milk as a protective agent for asthma, atopic diseases: immunity model in farm children

Professor Dr Gerhard Jahreis, Univ. Jena: Fatty acids in milk as protective factor: mechanisms of CLA and the Omega O3/O6 ratio

Dr Thomas Roos, MD, Allergy Specialist: Clinical trials with milk in allergic children

Professor Dr Wolfgang Kneifel, BOKU-Vienna: Raw milk quality vs. raw milk safety – Walking a tightrope

Dr. Reinhard Tschischkale, Veterinarian, MD: Vorzugsmilch (Grade A raw milk‚) in Germany: History, Regulations and Controlling

Professor Dr Ton Baars, Univ. Kassel: Differentiation of raw milk quality within organic farming and the challenges for Organic Farming

Dr Stephan Mosler, Univ. Kassel: Metabolomics and proteomics in milk in relation to human and animal health

Professor Dr Marie-Caroline Michalski, Univ. Lyon: Effects of the homogenization process on raw milk

Michael Schmidt, biodynamic farmer, (Cn): Fighting for fundamental food rights, the example raw milk in USA and Canada


Prof.Dr. Ton Baars, baars@uni-kassel.de /


The symposium will be held in conjunction with the

First International Conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research

Info: http://www.fqh2011.org

Place: Prague, Czech Republic

Date: 20 May 2011

Download conference poster (711 Kb pdf file)


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8 responses to “Michael Schmidt to speak at raw milk conference May 20th, 2011 in Prague

  1. I’m sold on raw milk. All three of my children have health issues that worry me, and they seem to take an awful lot of medicine. However, try as I might, I can’t get any raw milk, which I am desperate to try. My 2 year old has asthma. I am often reminded of the Lung Association’s slogan “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”. That’s how I feel right now… my child can’t breathe, I want to try raw milk to see if she gets better, and I am being blocked by the government. But, for me, nothing else matters. I need to help my children!

  2. Gordon Watson

    what part of the world are you in? If you’re close to the US border, you can go down south and get REAL MILK in a state where it’s legal, then bring it back into Canada, as personal property, no problem
    A few people can get together and do this by giving the courier a ‘letter of Agency”

  3. Noriko

    wow, this conference sounds really interesting… wish it were held in Canada! My ex colleague is back to Czech, and his neighbour has a dairy cow right in the middle of suburb.

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  5. denis bob tholley

    the Bombali District Women Farmers Cooperative Association. is a community base organisation that is operating with all women farmers in district ,in the northern province of sierra leone west africa .
    in that light ,the organisation is very much interested in your conferences you organised , and wishing to be part of the conference as it will create more impact to the organisation and farmers in the district. however, we are waiting for your immediate reply .
    please send us all your required information for the conference and what we should send as part of uor comettment ,
    thaks for cooperating with us

    • Ton Baars

      dear Denis Bob Tholley
      the conference will be held in Prague, 20th May 11-19 hours
      Costs: 250 euro plus room reservarion in the hotel.
      details can be found on the downloadable conference poster above or sent me an email directly.

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