“Food rights a matter of the will” says raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt writes, in a guest post on Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

Who at the end is responsible?

Michael Schmidt, Perhaps Describing the Chasm Between Raw Milk Proponents and Gov't Regulators. Photo via Kimberly Hartke's Hartke is Online blog.

“The war on raw is in full swing. I guarantee that we have not seen yet the full escalation of this battle. Dreaming of a better future in regards to our food rights seems to become a nightmare beyond imagining. Thinking that logic, common sense and justice would resolve this dilemma seems to fade day by day.

The layers of bureaucracy and legislative levels of Governance have created this impressive image of a castle worthy of the Lord of the Ring. As I think of it even the battles described in this incredible story of middle earth felt as hopeless as our mounting food rights confrontation with the cold and mindless corporate food control culture.

In the face of it one cannot blame those scared by the question; is it worth to risk life, liberty and security by fighting for life, liberty and security?

As ridiculous as it sounds, in fighting for these values we are risking all three as we dare to question and challenge the system.

We have to acknowledge the remarkable advances made since 1945 by those trying to control mind and body of society. As much as we have advanced in every aspect of life, we are descending into a scenario worthy of comparing to darkest hours of mankind in history.

The darkness of this hour is the fact that we should have known, that we should have acted a long time ago, that we are currently paralyzed by this dragon of bureaucracy and are not willing to risk what it takes to win this crucial and decisive battle in the evolution of mankind.

I keep watching, amazed at the assaults across the continent inflicted on farmers and families, on doctors and patients and on those who opted out of the mainstream corporate dogma.

On the other hand I cannot believe that there has not been a midnight raid at Morningland Dairy by citizens to save and confiscate the “FDA banned cheese”.  It is ours to act.

It does not have to be the farmer who has to carry the flag of human liberty and dignity ahead of the battling troops for food rights.

Because of the internet we have the illusion that we are not alone. We have the illusion that there are millions fighting the same battle. We have the illusion that the presence on the WWW is what will eventually convince enough to create a critical mass for a changing consciousness.

This could be true or let’s say, this better be true.

A Revolutionary Tome

Reflecting on the remarkable food revolution triggered by the book “Nourishing Traditions” let me say; the impossible was possible because of this “act of will” to create a piece of art within the supermarket of cook book commerce.

Sally Fallon Morell had no idea what this would trigger when she wrote this book….”

Read it all on Hartke is Online blog.

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