Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones are in court this week to hear the CFIA argue defense lawyer Shawn Buckley should be removed from sheep case

Summer is over, bureaucrats are back from holiday and Michael Schmidt is going to court again, just as he has so many times before over the last seven years. Photo above is from 2010 in Newmarket. This week’s court sessions will be in Cobourg. Earlier, the CFIA was arguing that lawyer Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, should not be representing Michael Schmidt in court because they wanted to be able to call her as a witness for the prosecution in the sheep-napping conspiracy case. Now the CFIA wants BC lawyer Shawn Buckley removed from the case.

Michael Schmidt sends this account of the current situation, vis a vis the Shropshire sheep-napping case:

Wolves, Coyotes and the CFIA

Tuesday, Wednesday, and maybe even Thursday this week, Montana Jones and myself will be in court to listen to the CFIA lawyers explain why they want to take our right away to choose our own lawyer.

Yes this is not fiction; it is the reality in Canada in 2013.

Shawn Buckley a criminal and constitutional lawyer from BC. He had decided to take on this fascinating sheep-napping case, in which 4 people including Montana and myself have been charged with conspiracy for attempting to save rare heritage sheep. No, not from wolves or coyotes this time, but from even more dangerous predators, the CFIA.

Things are upside down in this country when the killers charge people for saving rare sheep and then try to remove their lawyers so a proper defense is made very difficult. Karen Selick, from the Canadian Constitution Foundation, already had to step down because the prosecution wants her as a witness.

I guess it has become a blood sport for embarrassed bureaucrats to punish anybody who questions their killing mantra.

Justice is upside down and the wolves are howling.

On the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page, Montana Jones writes:

So tomorrow is Day 1 of a 2 day trial before the “real” trial. You are welcome to come watch CFIA and the Crown spending your dollars insisting that Michael Schmidt and I must find a different lawyer, and that we NOT be free to continue with the excellent legal counsel we already have—in Cobourg Ontario court (860 William St., Cobourg ON K9A 3A9).

Day 2 is same judge, same trial, slated for Wednesday several hours from there in Lindsay court—because these things aren’t required to make sense.


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6 responses to “Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones are in court this week to hear the CFIA argue defense lawyer Shawn Buckley should be removed from sheep case

  1. Beverley Viljakainen

    So well put, Montana. . . . from here on in, it’s all about principles!!! But, then, for us, it always was. Lots of us will be very much with you in spirit in those distant courtrooms . . .

  2. Craig

    Very sad to hear this.

  3. TheLanarchist

    Good luck. We are living in a up side down world.

  4. redhorse

    They must have something very incriminating to hide.

    • BC Food Security

      Yes , why does the government have to resort to childish dirty tricks ? Why can’t they simply fight the issue on “principle” and law alone ? Did I miss something ? Such stalling and procedural tactics are also a waste of taxpayer funds. I can only guess that the Canadian government is running scared that if they don’t put on a mean enough face our American neighbours may threaten to close off the borders to some of our food exports . This has little or nothing to do with what is right or wrong .

  5. Azelda Bothwell

    The government of wolves is ravening among the sheep!

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