March against Monsanto, May 23, in TO

From Global

“TORONTO – Hundreds marched in Toronto Saturday joining thousands around the world to protest against genetically modified organisms and agribusiness giant Monsanto.

The “March Against Monsanto” protests are now in their third year and were held in several Canadian cities including Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. Organizers said that events were being held in 428 cities in 38 countries from North America to Africa and Europe.

Demonstrators in Toronto rallied outside of Queen’s Park before marching their way across the city to a GMO-free festival at Christie Pits in the city’s west end.

The group behind the event said in a statement the rally is about providing an opportunity to people to educate themselves about the “serious health conditions” linked to “Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods.”

Those who attended the rally in Toronto said it was about creating a grassroots movement.

“Companies like Monsanto have billions of dollars behind them. They can do their campaigns and there is not a problem. We are as grassroots as it comes,” Brock Sheppard, who identified himself as an organic food consumer, told Global News.

In Kelowna, B.C., dozens of protesters gathered calling for more protection of food supplies and to create awareness of what they say are harmful impacts of genetically modified foods like the Arctic Apple….”

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2 responses to “March against Monsanto, May 23, in TO

  1. royhammy

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    Then keep going south to parking lot “F” Go all the way on
    Road into the parking lot we are at the north east corner there is a white sign
    Facing the parking lot. RSVP is mandatory.
    I will
    supply grass fed beef burgers so since it is “pot
    luck” bring a dish and meet your fellow organic
    food coop enthusiasts. There is an entrance fee
    at the park gate. Sorry but that is the way it is.
    Here is your chance to learn more about GTA Organic
    Farm Coop Project., meet some of the people that
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    Meet like-minded people, and share information
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    and its importance! Invite your friends and
    acquaintances who are interested in wellness and
    healthy food.

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