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Food regulation vs food freedom

Radio program looks at the big picture:


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Civil Rights / Food Rights: Vernon Herschberger as the Rosa Parks of Raw Milk

From Joe Orso in the Lacrosse-Tribune:

Vernon, on the left, from a recent video TV news clip (click iimage to go there). And on the right an image from a movie dramatization of the Rosa Parks story. See link at bottom of story.

“The raw milk debate is not primarily about raw milk — even though those of us who drink it feel strongly about its nutritional values.

Nor is the debate primarily about food safety and health risks.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, the Centers for Disease Control and other government and corporate bureaucracies will certainly scare one segment of our population with their statistics on raw milk. Another segment of our population will see the manipulation of those statistics and explain why raw milk, when sold from farm to consumer, is far healthier and safer than pasteurized milk, as well as much of what is sold as “food” these days. Continue reading


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