Raw milk family’s day in court in B.C.

From the Hella Delicious blog:

Image of Michael Schmidt and Gordon Watson via Hella Delicious blog

“Just got back from the New Westminster courthouse. Our cowshare family spent a loving day together listening to the interactions between the lawyers, judge, Gordon Watson and witnesses over what seems to be unravelling as a case of malicious intent on the part of Fraser Health against this private local community of people who enjoy owning a lovingly cared for and properly fed cow.

The thing that stood out to me, as I observed the people who appeared in the courtroom today to show their support for Gordon Watson and Michael Schmidt, was the diversity of the people there. I guess I too have fallen for the way the mainstream media likes to portray folks in the raw milk movement–as being ignorant fundamentalist crazies. The Vancouver cowshare family is a beautiful example of a gathering of intelligent people from all kinds of backgrounds, different religions and opposing political views. People who remain connected to their traditional food rituals….”

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One response to “Raw milk family’s day in court in B.C.

  1. Did anyone in the courthouse mention that anybody between the age of 4 years and 100 years can purchase as much raw milk as they like at Costcutter just 20 miles south of the New Westminister, BC courthouse in Blaine, Washington ? More info on dozens of totally legal BC border supply locations can be found at http://www.jackiesjerseymilk.com/ .
    Did anyone mention that Raw Milk has been legal in Washington state since around 1948 ?
    In Washington state, 22 dairies have been licensed to sell raw milk — 12 for cows and 10 for goats (2008 stats). Probably more now.
    Whatever happened to the idea of encouraging local people to buy from local businesses ?
    The Canadian Pasteurized Milk Industry has lost billions of dollars worth of marketshare as people abandon milk in droves for substitutes or even a vegan lifestyle. Their pettiness has only served to harm their own long term commercial interests .

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