So they just stop counting? — GMO vote strangeness in California and Oregon

Miles Mathis on the GMO vote in Oregon:

“A couple of years ago I showed you how Monsanto (probably) stole the California GMO Proposition 37. They just did the same thing in Oregon. As I did in 2012, I have been following the vote count closely. This was easy since we got live updates from Oregon’s own state election site. As they did in California, when the vote got close, they just quit counting and reported final numbers. This despite the fact no final numbers have been tallied. No final numbers were ever tallied or reported in California, and it looks like no final numbers will ever be coming out of Oregon, either.

In California in November of 2012, the early numbers went against GMO labeling, but late numbers went for it. The late precincts were in the big cities, where yes on 37 was around 65-70%. So as the night wore on, the vote moved closer and closer to 50/50. Curiously, the vote counting stalled that night and the (final) result was reported, despite the fact that no real final result had been tallied. More than a week later state officials admitted many millions of votes had still not been counted, even in close races like Prop 37. Those complaining were told the State had a month to report final numbers.

But even at the end of the month, no final numbers were reported. The “live” websites were taken down before then, so the public could not continue to follow the numbers to the end. In other words, the vote count took so long and was so hidden that supporters of the Proposition couldn’t even ask for a recount. A recount is automatically called for when the vote is within a certain percentage, and it can be requested by the losing party when it is within a slightly larger margin. But since no one knew what the final margin was, no automatic recount was done and none was requested. The whole thing simply died of neglect. I commented at the time that this seemed a very strange ending to such a highly publicized proposition, especially seeing that the State Democratic party had backed a yes vote. That Democratic party swept the State elections in California, installing a supermajority for the first time ever. And yet they said not one word about the strange finish to the Prop 37 saga. The newly installed Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, or Comptroller (who were all Democrats sworn to support the party platform—which included GMO labeling) could have requested final numbers and an investigation on Prop 37, but no one did. The State Legislature could have easily introduced legislation requiring labeling, but they didn’t. Many parties had grounds for a lawsuit, but none went to court. All very curious.

I suspect the GMO labeling propositions in Washington and Colorado were also stolen, although I haven’t researched them yet. The only one not successfully stolen was in Maui, and it may yet be stolen through the courts, since Monsanto is suing to prevent the law from going into effect…”.

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3 responses to “So they just stop counting? — GMO vote strangeness in California and Oregon

  1. Why aren’t there lawyers demanding transparency and follow-through? Of course there was manipulation of the process. Of course these elections are being stolen. Dah…

  2. This beautifully illustrates the folly of democracy (mob rule) nothing should ever be decided by mob rule, and if this were the case things like this would be less likely to happen.

    Why do you think that we have a Republic? Precisely to prevent cases like this where the (alleged) majority trample the rights of the minority.

    Furthermore labeling is a Red Herring… the only real issue should be why the heck these poisons are not banned and the perpetrators are not given long prison sentences.

  3. David Beach

    Activist Post: Who is Gary Hirshberg, and why is he bankrolling a
    losing anti-GMO campaign?

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