Support Michael Schmidt and the “Our Farm Our Food” farmshare in their legal battle for Food Choice Rights in Ontario


“Twenty one years ago, Michael Schmidt began a fight that continues today.

His fight, which has now become our fight, is to allow us to choose our own food.

Food rights, for mothers, children, families and all of us.

For two decades he has been harassed and persecuted by the government.

Today, Glencolton Farms is owned by 120 families who stand by Michael to offer a bastion of resistance in this struggle against unfair government action. We are not going away, we are not hiding, for we have nothing to hide.

This is a long fight. Legal bills, communications, advocacy….all are part of the costs of standing up for the rights of people to choose their own food.

Please donate today. A donation of $50 contributes to one hour of legal support for Michael and the owners of Glencolton Farms.

This is a fight for all who care about where their food comes from. Please be part of this today.”

Vote with your dollars on

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