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Life, liberty and the pursuit of raw milk

From Mike Hixenbaugh, at HamptonRoads.com:

Left: Jeremiah Crane, 21, does the evening milking, a chore that has been a rite of passage for the Crane children. Right: Elizabeth Minor feeds her two year old daughter Maren with milk from the Holly Grove Cowshare. They started feeding her raw milk when she was one. (Preston Gannaway | The Virginian-Pilot) Photos and caption info via Hampton Roads.com. Click image for more.

“It’s a scorching summer morning, and David Crane is standing with arms stretched wide in the middle of a pasture.

He steps cautiously toward a stubborn cow, cajoling her to move out of the heat and into a shady patch a few hundred feet away.

“Come on, girl,” he says quietly, almost whispering. “It’s OK.”

The cow bucks suddenly, knocking the husky middle-aged farmer off-balance and onto the ground in a cloud of dust. Crane hops back up, pats the dirt from his blue jeans and moves in again, arms wide, toward the cow. Continue reading


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