Preliminary Inquiry into Michael Schmidt, Montana Jones, Sheep-napping Case to Resume Aug. 10th

From Karen Selick, on Indiegogo:

My name is Karen Selick. I’m a lawyer, and the litigation director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a registered charity in both Canada and the US.

We need help raising a legal defence fund for Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt, two Ontario farmers charged with defying the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). We have to be careful what we say here, because the government recently asked for (and got) a publication ban on this case.

Montana and Michael started out as my clients, but for reasons I’ll explain later, I can’t represent them in court on this case.  Nevertheless, I admire their courage and their principles. I think they have been treated unjustly by the CFIA, and I want to keep them out of jail….”

Need $50,000 to keep going…

“….We need to raise $50,000 immediately to carry on with the court procedure called the “preliminary inquiry”.  The “prelim” started in February, 2015 then continued in April, and is scheduled to resume again on August 10. Our goal for this campaign is $50,000, although we’ll need more later for the trial.

The prosecution has wasted our resources (deliberately, we suspect) by bringing one long motion after another.  One of their motions was to force me (Karen Selick) off the case, alleging I had a conflict of interest because I represented both Montana and Michael. The prosecutors have now subpoenaed me as a witness (yes, against my own clients) as a technique for keeping me off the case.

They also brought a lengthy motion to force Shawn Buckley off the case, but fortunately the judge ruled that Shawn could carry on.  Then there was the publication ban motion—another long court procedure that used up the defence’s resources and hampered our ability to inform the public about government actions.

The CFIA clearly wants to put Montana and Michael in jail. When the CFIA investigator first raided Michael Schmidt’s farm in August, 2012, he crowed to Michael, “Your travelling days are over, Mr. Schmidt.”  The prosecutor once told me that he intends for them to go to a federal penitentiary, which means a minimum sentence of two years. In fact, with the number of charges facing each of them, they could conceivably end up in jail for a decade or more.

Please help keep these ethical farmers out of jail.  Please donate, then share this page with anyone who cares about healthy natural food, preserving biodiversity, freedom from rampant bureaucracy, freedom of the press, and justice in Canada’s courts.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation—”freedom’s defence team”—is a registered charity in both Canada and the US. If you donate at least $25, you’ll get a receipt that you can use to claim a deduction on your income tax return.

Find out more about our work at

Thank you from all of us.”

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One response to “Preliminary Inquiry into Michael Schmidt, Montana Jones, Sheep-napping Case to Resume Aug. 10th

  1. Level Headed

    Thank you for keeping us aware! You got my donation, but I didn’t do it via Indiegogo, rather I did it via the CCF website. Please keep us posted on how much you’ve raised across the various funding sources so we know how close you are to $50K and how much more you need looking ahead.

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