Michael Schmidt on the Never-ending Shropshire Sheep Saga, now in Oshawa

The Next Chapter, By Michael Schmidt:

Lawyer Shawn Buckley with Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt outside the Durham Regional courthouse in Oshawa.

I am in the Oshawa Courthouse or better described as the “Oshawa Court Palace” towering over the City of Oshawa.

The third chapter of the preliminary hearing about the ongoing “Sheep Napping Saga” commenced this week.

This is the third week, three more weeks will follow in September and December.

In December it will be three long years since Montana Jones, Robert Pinnell, Susan Atkinson and myself had been charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. Susan Atkinson pleaded guilty apparently faltering under the immense pressure and ended up with a six month house arrest.

Robert Pinnell the co-accused. His beard and hair demonstrate how long the sheep napping proceedings have been going on( 3 years). He stopped shaving and cutting hair when we got charged in December 2012

There is no question that the charges have to be taken very seriously considering the penalty of spending time in the “crow bar” hotel if found guilty of these “crimes.”

The Shropshire Saga of Montana Jones itself dates back almost 5 years.

The accused have received so far about 15000 pages of disclosure requested  from the prosecution immediately after charges were laid. These 15000 pages of disclosure were provided to us in slow motion which in the face of it undermines due process and borders in my opinion on intentionally hindering a fair trial.

Not to speak about all the other legal tactics apparently used by the prosecution to bleed the accused of resources to mount a proper defense.

Putting all the above aside the dynamic of the preliminary inquiry provides a most revealing picture of bureaucrats at work.

It is indeed fascinating to see how the dynamic changes when “self righteous authority” is questioned under oath.

Let me remind the reader that in the meantime  open and transparent court proceedings have been put under a total publication ban against the will of all the accused. Therefore I cannot convey any evidence presented at the preliminary inquiry, nor can I give any detail about the 15000 pages of disclosure provided by the prosecution.

However there are enough general observations which captures  the bizarre nature of the current proceedings without contempt of the Judges black out order.

If someone wants to attend to follow the proceedings in person, the court room is open for visitors under the conditions that no evidence can be conveyed to anybody outside the court room.

It is a worthwhile experience for the public to attend for many reasons;

1.  Going to Stratford to see first class  professional theater costs money and only lasts maximum 3 hours.(The Shropshire Saga provides entertainment for weeks,months and years for free.)

2. The courtroom is air-conditioned and a Tim Hortons coffee shop is in house

3.  Seeing how top bureaucrats on the witness stand being cross-examined and how it deflates their assumed power as outlined in policies is a real eye-opener for any concerned member of society.

4.  Seeing how low level bureaucrats can always claim that they are just following orders, which evokes memories of horrific events in the past, where Government was thriving based on mindless bureaucrats just following orders.

At the same time these proceedings can provide the opportunity to break through the brick walls of bureaucracy, however the prosecution in our case does at every opportunity throws rocks in the way of the defense to prevent us to break through, however Shawn Buckley with the greatest amount of patience keeps chipping away on this wall.

He is one of the few lawyers who deserves my greatest respect.

Calm and thoroughly he keeps working towards trying to gain understanding who is responsible for the mass killing of one of the last intact herd of Shropshire sheep.

Last but not least, Lawyer Karen Selick and the Canadian Constitution Foundation have supported and worked tireless in an unprecedented way to give full support to mount a defense but also long before tried to prevent the senseless killing.

Please donate to their campaign by going to the following site



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4 responses to “Michael Schmidt on the Never-ending Shropshire Sheep Saga, now in Oshawa

  1. Alisa b. Hanna

    And who is helping with Mr Pinnells with legal and financial expenses since he is a co-accused, I see no legal representation standing beside him or Jones or Schmidt. You are all still friends I presume . From a outsider looking in on the situation for someone who will go to the ends of the earth for you. You suck on media, shame on the both of you.

  2. davidgumpert

    “the court room is open for visitors under the conditions that no evidence can be conveyed to anybody outside the court room” In other words, this is a secret trial. Is there any other way to characterize the nature of the proceedings? Please correct me if I am wrong.

  3. Did your lawyer challenge jurisdiction? What facts and evidence has the prosecution presented to the court that the constitution and codes apply to you just because you are located in geographical location xyz and that the court has jurisdiction over you to hear the case? Absent this facts and evidence, the allegations against you can not move forward to trial. This must be proven before trial begins, but jurisdiction is challengable at any time. Who is the witness with first hand knowledge of applicability and jurisdiction? Did your lawyer file a motion to dismiss challenging jurisdiction, applicability, no harm or loss, no victim(no corpus delecti), no standing, etc? If you have never hear of Marc Stevens and the No State Project Michael, please call into the show on Saturday, 4-7pm Eastern at (218) 632-9399. On his August 8th 2015 show, he had on James from Rawsome Foods of California; surely you are aware of his legal battles over selling raw milk. Anyhow, I have met you in person, you are and excellent speaker, intelligent man, and I believe following a Marc Stevens’ type defense could be something you could easiliy handle on your own, without and attorney who is in the same cult as the magistrate. At the very least, give a call to Marc on the air this Saturday or email him at marcstevens@mail.com He is a voluntaryist/anarchist(the absence of rulers) as am I. I have used his method successfully in court to beat traffic tickets, he has helped people stop IRS attacks here in the states. please consider looking into it. His first book is read aloud here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw3-s172yA4 Thanks for listening Michael. My thoughts and prayers are with you. “There are two types of people in this world, those who want to be left alone, and those who will not leave them alone.”-Ernie Hancock, Freedom’s Phoenix

  4. Gordon S Watson

    obviously, James G * you’re one of the stray cats left over from the DeTax circus. Still wandering around promoting the myth about “beating the IRS”. More obvious, is : your ignorance about Jurisdiction in the Dominion of Canada
    Michael Schmidt has one of the very best counsel, to be had : Shawn Buckley, who’s taken on the thugs, and prevailed. Notably in the case of Strauss Heart Drops.
    “easily handle your defence on your own” ?! Man, whatever you’re smoking, I hope it’s legal in your state. Like so man others, tragically lost the others lost in that frame of mind, you do not have the measure of the Adversary
    Gordon S Watson
    Squidney British Columbia
    * let’s have your real name and a way to contact you

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