Is pasteurized milk “the new gluten”?

From Joseph Hooper, in New York magazine:

“Dairy and gluten have become evil twins in “elimination” diets, the holistic therapy of the moment, as people swear they feel less bloated and lethargic without them. (Not incidentally, sales of cow’s milk have essentially flattened in recent years, while nondairy alternatives, led by almond milk, are up nearly 100 percent, reaching about $2 billion in annual sales.)

Best-selling authors like the integrative physician Mark Hyman maintain that, like the gluten in wheat, milk elements interact with our gut bacteria in such a way as to trigger an inflammatory response from the immune system….”

More in New York magazine



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2 responses to “Is pasteurized milk “the new gluten”?

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety

    *sigh* I know my personal experience means nothing, but combined with thousands of others with similar experiences it must mean something. I lived on a dairy farm when I was small. We drank raw milk. No one got sick. It was very good, nothing like pasteurized. My friend has a very small dairy. I bought milk from her for a whole summer one year when she was cow-sitting someone else’s place and she had significantly more milk to sell than usual. It was, of course, raw as well. No one got sick. I made a lot of cheese and yogurt that year.

    I suspect that part of the problems with casein/etc are more than just pasteurized vs unpasteurized, it’s got more to do with how the animals are raised. CAFO’s use GMO feed and the animals are not healthy, and they’re chronically stressed on top of it. Most smaller dairies and raw milk dairies are either completely pasture fed or pretty close to it. Stress levels are lower, diets are healthier. And I really think the contamination of the milk from these things are what are driving the rise in all these food linked allergies.

  2. royhammy

    I attended the Toronto Health Show this past weekend Nov 27-28-29 and shared a booth with Sprout Growers I had a hand made sigh 19″ or so and 9 ” high stating only RAW-MILK interest was phenomenal and we recieved some new members immediately with more to come. My news release–
    I just finished a WOW weekend at the Toronto Total Health Show. My Friend Tony from Sprout Growers invited me along So the two of us Tony age 86 and Myself age 71 set up Tony’s booth and all I did was have a sign about 20 x 9 ” inches long hand made with markers “RAW-MILK” and our Organic Farm Coop cards with printed literature with the facts. Everyday I ran out of literature, the response was overwhelming.We had about 200 serious inquiries but the passion for raw dairy and clean nutritious produce was heart warming. At this time we have 32 owners and I have no doubt that we will hit minimum 50 within a few days. Anyone that has any concerns over what this is all about should have been at the booth # 264. The demand for clean food and FOOD CHOICE is simply overwhelming. We will soon do another show. Tony had excellent sales of his sprout grower, grow your own organic sprouts in your home sprouts are the maximum source of nutrition. We are well on our way to the next goal. You will be glad to be aboard, DO NOT ENVY US JOIN US.


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