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The raw milk issue in Ontario is no longer just about Michael Schmidt

In spite of the massive public profile Michael has gained over the past twenty years he has been advocating for raw milk and the freedom to choose it, the raw milk access issue in Ontario is much bigger than Michael Schmidt.

And The Bovine’s change of masthead picture reflects that reality. The young woman in the new cover picture is milking a cow in a jurisdiction where anyone can buy raw milk in a store, just like they would buy any other kind of milk. By the way, that’s in California, where Mark McAfee farms (though this picture is not from his farm).

Of course, the fact that this woman is clearly milking the cow by hand should be your first clue that this is not a commercial operation. Yes, this is taking place on a real farm which provides food (vegetables) for other people, but the cow and the milk are just for those who live on the farm and share in the work. Continue reading

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Notice of Comment Policy Change

If you’ve been out and about on the interwebs you may have noticed that many websites have shut down their comment sections. I’m sure there are many reasons for this development. Spam, trolls, flame wars, and the ongoing time demands of moderation are no doubt among them.

As of today, the Bovine will no longer be posting comments, except in exceptional circumstances. However, readers are still welcome to use the comment process to message the Editor. In fact, since we don’t check our email that often, “posting” a comment is probably the best way to get  a message through. Just don’t expect it to appear on the site.

If you want a public forum to discuss material which is posted on the Bovine and you don’t have your own blog or website yet, there’s always social media — ie Facebook, Twitter etc.

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