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Ron Paul and “Milk War” movie at MNC conference in Ottawa March 7th to 9th

Here’s what they say about US Senator Ron Paul, who is speaking at the MNC conference in Ottawa this week:

From the 2012 MNC conference. Click image to see source of this image, plus more such photos.

“Ron Paul was a Republican primary candidate in the last US election, where he built a huge following among young online activists.

He is known as a libertarian-minded Republican – taking a tough line on debt and deficits while criticizing American foreign policy, the War on Drugs, and the Federal Reserve. He has also been characterized as the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party movement.

Paul served twelve terms in Congress, where he earned the nickname “Dr. No” by opposing anything not explicitly authorized in the U.S. Constitution.  Continue reading

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Ron Paul talks raw milk at Texas GOP

From The Examiner.com:

“But then, Ron Paul made a statement that aroused even more applause.   “You might even be able to drink raw milk.”

It was deafening in that arena.  For a moment I thought the roof might collapse as the people screamed themselves hoarse.  So I ask again.  Is it that Texans just like raw milk?  Well… maybe not so much.

When I was a small boy, my grandmother milked her cow every morning and I remember watching as she strained her bucket through cheese cloth into a big jar.  I asked her for a taste which she initially denied, but once I had pestered her sufficiently, she relented.  I took a big drink and immediately wanted to spit it out.  It was still warm, and icky, and tasted of fat. Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s raw milk freedom pitch gets the biggest cheers in New Hampshire

From Julie Hirschfeld Davis on Bloomberg Businessweek:

Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) — When about 500 voters packed into a New Hampshire town hall last week to hear Ron Paul speak, they saved their biggest applause for something no other Republican presidential candidate is talking about.

“I would like to restore your right to drink raw milk anytime you like!” Paul said to loud and sustained cheers in the historic Peterborough Town House.

It was an emblematic moment for Paul’s campaign, which is powered by his call for slashing federal government and expanding personal liberties, including the freedom to drink unpasteurized milk that the U.S. government brands “unsafe.” Continue reading


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Ron Paul on raw milk on ABC News

From ABC:

Click image to go to ABC website to watch video

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Raw milk fight: from Amish farms to hippie co-ops — Bloomberg News

By Stephanie Armour, Bloomberg News

Photo via Bloomberg News

“WASHINGTON — One sun-drenched August morning, armed officers wearing sunglasses and bullet-proof vests descended on a market in Venice, Calif., searching for illegally sold goods. It marked the end of a year-long investigation where undercover agents posed as customers.

Their target: raw, unpasteurized milk.

Federal regulators say it’s a dangerous and unnecessary public threat, pointing to 143 cases of contamination linked to still births, miscarriages and kidney failure since 1987, the latest involving five California children. Grassroots, back-to-nature consumers say the product strengthens the immune system by keeping intact good bacteria that’s killed in pasteurized milk. The choice should be theirs, the activists say. Continue reading


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Setting the stage for violence in the U.S.

From Paul Joseph Watson on The Alexander Higgins blog:

“In a response to a question asked by Infowars correspondent Robert Wanek at Iowa State University during the recent Ames straw poll, Ron Paul said that the federal government was preparing for civil unrest and martial law in the United States.

Paul was asked for his opinion on whether H.R. 645 (The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act) could lead to Americans being incarcerated in detention camps during a time of martial law.

“Yeah, that’s their goal, they’re setting up the stage for violence in this country, no doubt about it,” responded Paul. Continue reading


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Farmageddon screening for Congress

From Kimberly Hartke:

Panel discussion from the New York City screening of Farmageddon: Panel discussion with director Kristin Canty, Angela Davis, Sarma Melngailis, and Max Goldberg. Photo from Laurel on Health. Click to go to the story on her blog that includes this picture and others from that screening.

December 6, 2011–Washington, D.C.– Independent filmmaker Kristin Canty announces today that her film is being screened next week for members of Congress, and the shocking new food documentary was invited back for an encore run at Chicago’s prestigious Gene Siskel Film Center. This summer’s theatrical releases in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, and Boston garnered critical acclaim, and grassroots interest spawned 150 community screenings around the country. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike for raw milk food freedom gets covered on U.S. Senator Ron Paul’s “The Daily Paul”

From “Legalize liberty” on “The Daily Paul”:

Michael Schmidt at yesterday's "Milk and Cookies" rally at the FDA headquarters in Maryland.

“Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, a leader in the food freedom movement, now OVER A MONTH into a hunger strike to ask leader of the province of Ontario, Canada for a dialogue. Continue reading


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Dr. Ron Paul on “Liberty, Economy and the Pursuit of Raw Milk in America”

From Mercola.com, via Youtube.com:

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Ron Paul and Barney Frank would end U.S. federal prohibition on marijuana

From Mike Riggs at Reason.com:

Image via Reason.com

“Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) will introduce “bi-partisan legislation tomorrow ending the federal war on marijuana and letting states legalize, regulate, tax, and control marijuana without federal interference,” according to a press release from the Marijuana Policy Project that just hit my inbox. More from that email: Continue reading


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