“Sacrificial Lamb?” CFIA to kill last remaining Shropshire lamb from Montana Jones’ flock today Aug. 24

This just in via Michael Schmidt:

The CFIA kill-team want the last word. They are scheduled to slaughter the last Shropshire lamb at the Wholearth Farm, Hastings, ON. Today Thursday Aug.24. (CFIA are regularly escorted by multiple OPP & armed Nat.Resources personnel.). The 4 month old lamb’s only ‘crime’ is symbolically being the last innocent survivor from the wrongly-accused flock of heritage Shropshire sheep that ‘went missing’ in April 2012.

Here’s a link to the National Post story about how the sheepnapping court case involving Michael Schmidt, Montana Jones, the CFIA, and other parties ended: http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/shepherd-wins-six-year-legal-fight-to-keep-flock-of-rare-sheep-from-government-slaughter

Some backstory from Montana Jones:

FYI in case you had questions about what/why now, here is a timeline / background on Wilson the ram:

Back in the spring I decided to move the few sheep I still had to a friends farm so I could focus this season on restructuring plans for the farm, and then get some of my ewes back to move forward with. Several stud rams were sold at the same time as flock sires to a large commercial sheep farmer who prefer using my Shropshire males in their breeding program.

Whenever sheep had left the farm prior, CFIA would authorize them off-farm only “decontaminating” them, after I removed any organic matter and sheared their wool. This meant CFIA looking on as I trimmed and scrubbed their hooves with a stiff brush in hydrogen peroxide before they left the farm (even though we all know there was never any scrapie here).

I questioned if the “decontamination” action was still neccesary. The sheep had been in new living quarters elsewhere on the property, and had not been back in the barn since it was cleaned out in spring of 2016.

After several weeks the CFIA confirmed by email that no, it was not neccesary for any of the sheep  to have their feet disinfected or their wool sheared as done previously. They were free to leave the property, and were officially authorized to travel off-farm, with NONE of the restrictions previously imposed.

So on March 23rd, 2017 all was coordinated with the new caretakers and the transporter and CFIA to move the group.  It was a very hard day for me, after 17 years.

When CFIA arrived,  CFIA veterinarian Dr. Bharatkumar Patel was confused about the status of a new lamb (Wholearth Wilson 1E) and his mother.

Dr. Patel decided they were NOT allowed to go until the lambs blood was taken and tested by CFIA.  I asked how that made sense given that nothing else had changed, and I was certain he was mistaken.

I have gone to great lengths to acquiesce to CFIA and HOA regulations. The CFIA policies make the kind of sense that left a single flock animal to fend solo with a newborn—with all it’s flock mates gone.  Sheep are flock animals so it created substantial stress for the mother, the lamb and for myself. For no reason except a CFIA government agent’s misunderstanding of their own CFIA regulations. The Shrops brought me so much joy, despite equal amounts grief, and it was not a fitting note to go out on.

Despite my questioning his decision and explaining it made no sense according to their own regulations, Patel did not permit the ewe and lamb to leave.


Next day, Patel did not admit he made a mistake, did not say he was wrong the day before, but he emailed to say that they WERE INDEED ALLOWED  to leave.


But it was not easy to orchestrate an instant new time for all parties during a busy spring—so the sheep and her little lamb Wilson stayed on and they became even friendlier pets. I have continued to keep them in their new housing and on new pasture, and decided Wilson and mom would stay on until their flockmates  joined them back here.

A few weeks ago the CFIA sent me a final letter declaring they WOULD NOT COMPENSATE me for any of my animals they have killed. I have a limited number of days to appeal it. At the same time they came back to test Wilson’s blood type and now state he must be killed.

To add to the confusion, last week the 10 year old mother ewe 20X got into the chicken feed and I had to treat the mother for grain overload. Despite 4 days of treatment she died. So Wilson…ironically named after the “Castaway” volleyball, is left.


So now CFIA intends to kill this solo lamb…there is no risk here, their aren’t even any sheep left to endanger!


They gave an exemption to Sunshine (http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2451728197) and I would like one as well. Different situation but same basic premise.

Don’t  really don’t wish to box another round, but their targeting is beyond ridiculous. 

Wilson could die because CFIA’s Dr Patel did not know their own policy and insisited the sheep stay. If they were loaded that day in March to their new home he would be in  no danger, and free to live a long life becoming a sire to make more Shropshire sheep. He would even be allowed to come back here to the farm! 

If he stays on here…still no problem. He’s not in any area CFIA deems potentially infected (barn/baryard) and there are no sheep here to infect!! Plus he’s a ram!!!

I’ve requested postponement and meeting next week , and confirmation they will not come today to kill him but no word yet.

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