Allegations of salmonella seem fishy in Lavon Farms of Texas raw dairy case

From The Complete Patient blog:

Todd Moore (second from left) and family being recognized at a livestock show.

“On the face of it, the case against Lavon Farms looks open and shut. Milk from the Plano, TX, raw dairy, the largest in the state, has been genetically linked to four illnesses from salmonella–three of them involving children–over the last few months, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

But even if you’re inclined to accept such seemingly irrefutable evidence, there are a number of elements to this situation that just don’t feel right. For example:

* The news about the linkage was made public yesterday, just hours before the Public Health Committee of the Texas House of Representatives was due to hold hearings on controversial legislation that would allow the state’s 44 permitted raw dairies to sell milk at farmers markets and county fairs. The hearing was held last evening, and at least one legislator expressed amazement at the timing of the release of information. …”

“….Moore, who is a third-generation dairyman, says that when he first learned two weeks ago about the test showing salmonella in his milk, “I was devastated.” But the more he’s learned, and not learned, he’s changed his attitude. “Two weeks ago, the state had me doubting myself,” he says. But he’s since had “all this positive feedback” from his customers. “I had a doctor call me and he said he has it and he feeds it to his four children…My customers are ready to go to the mat. They want the phone numbers of legislators. They want their milk back.”

I spoke with Judith McGeary, head of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance and a major proponent of the proposed Texas legislation on extending raw milk sales, and she, too, was taken aback by the timing of disclosures. She pointed out that a representative of the Texas Department of State Health Services testified at last evening’s committee hearing that there have been two illnesses attributed to raw milk over the previous twenty years. “Even if these illnesses turn out to be tied to Lavon Farms, that’s six illnesses in twenty years.” ….”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.

Photo above is from The Complete Patient blog.


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5 responses to “Allegations of salmonella seem fishy in Lavon Farms of Texas raw dairy case

  1. Gordon S Watson

    one of the hallmarks of the idiots in high places is that they get puffed-up with their self-importance, so every issue becomes assertion of sheer power for its own sake. Out of touch with the people they’re supposed to be serving, the bureaucrats lose perspective, then do something which a child can see, has been contrived. Such as the reports out of Texas. They always over-step themselves and give the game away.
    Every time the opponents of raw milk raise a hue + cry in the media, more people find out that REAL MILK is available, and go looking for it. Informed consumers thinking for themselves, repudiating the central party line, and voting with their $$$ … what a concept!

  2. jason edmounds

    It just goes to show how corrupt our system is now. Do they shut down a restaurant when someone allegedly gets food poisening? I’ve been drinking raw milk for a year and have never had any issues. It’s all about the almighty dollar in this country now

  3. I agree that the timing of this issue is uncanny. I’ve been drinking raw milk from Lavon Farms for amost a year, and I believe it’s nature’s perfect food: it has protein, carbs and good fat, as well as tons of vitamins for a healthy body and amino acids for a healthy gut. When your milk is from healthy, happy cows, milked under sanitary conditions, and it’s not pasteurized or homogenized, you get the full benefits of nature’s perfect food. The consumption of raw milk/real milk in this country is gathering momentum, as more and more consumers find out that it’s a nutrient-dense food, and that it’s even an option. I had no idea I could buy raw milk until I read Nina Planck’s book, “Real Food: What to Eat and Why.” I’m currently reading David Gumpert’s book, “The Raw Milk Revolution,” and it’s a facsinating account of a journalist’s discovery of real milk, its health benefits and the politics surrounding it. The raw milk issue is at the forefront of U.S. consumers’ fight to be able to choose their own food and the producers of that food, without Big Brother’s meddlesome hand. Whether or not you are interested in raw milk, you might want to pay attention to the larger issue at hand. I believe that Lavon Farms is an unfortunate pawn in a larger game played by the Texas Department of State Health Services and the industrial milk producers (lords of cruel, dirty confinement dairies), to deflate the real food revolution. Take an honest look at your local, bright, beautiful grocery store, with professional photos of beautiful produce, fresh eggs, healthy livestock … there’s hardly a real food item to be had there. Most items in our nation’s grocery stores have been processed, fumigated, engineered to where it’s all frankenfood; the pictures are brilliant marketing. Learn more at and

  4. Michael schmidt

    Just wait and see what our Canadian health and Agricultural officials will come up with to manipulate political decisions and court decisions.
    This is not war only on real milk. This is total war on peoples fundamental rights.
    Dirty tricks, unbelievable self rightiousnes and arrogance.
    They will make the biggest mistake if they think that we will back off.


    I have been getting raw milk from Lavon Farm’s since my son told me how healthy it is for you. I have read up on it and am convinced it is totally better for you than the milk from the grocery. I also buy their real butter and the drinkable yogurt is delicious too. Leave them alone. I have seen their cows and they do seem happy and healthy.

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