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Michael Schmidt’s Saskatchewan raw milk workshop covered by the Regina Leader-Post

Thanks to Jana for the news tip. The following is from a story that appeared today in the Regina Leader-Post, written by Tim Switzer:

Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt was in Regina on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010, at St. Mary's Anglican Church to talk about legalizing the sale of raw milk. Photograph by: Troy Fleece, Leader-Post

“Michael Schmidt says it is high time the Canadian government launched a review of its laws over the distribution of raw milk. Continue reading

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Raw milk in Sask…. it’s a moovement!

Here’s a report on the Regina Saskatchewan meeting with raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt from Jane Kutarna, who’s involved with the local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter. Thanks Jane.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt meets with Saskatchewan farmers and regular folks in a church hall to talk about raw milk concerns. Thanks to Michael for passing on these pictures to the Bovine.

On December 5, about 60 citizens of Saskatchewan gathered together to listen to dairy farmer Michael Schmidt talk about the politics of raw milk sales in Canada.  Several small dairies had the opportunity to meet with Michael as a group and discuss raw dairy herd shares. Continue reading

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Where’s Senator Joe McCarthy when we need him? The TSA, raw milk, Bill S-510 — was the “red menace” ever this real?

What would Senator Joe McCarthy have said about Bill S-510. Would he have seen in it, a creeping communist menace?

Senator Joe McCarthy -- Hey Joe, there's a helluva lot of "unAmerican" activity going on these days. Where are you?

Of course Sen. McCarthy has long been discredited, and communism is dead or so we’re led to believe. But what if Russia was just a beta test for what’s starting to happen in America now, with S-510 and with random TSA checkpoints even on domestic travel?

Raw milk journalist David E. Gumpert is certainly seeing red, over the apparent collusion with the government, of farm and consumer groups who should know better. From his latest post on The Complete Patient blog:

“I keep asking myself, how did we ever get to this point, where political and economic control of America’s food system is on the verge of being turned over to a government agency whose leaders declared early this year we have “no absolute right” to “any particular food” or to “bodily and physical health.” Continue reading

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