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Why today’s politicians don’t matter

Embattled raw milk advocate and accused sheep-napper Michael Schmidt breaks radio silence with a missive to readers of The Bovine:

Bert Jongerden, Alice Jongerden, Mark McAfee at the little Chilliwack dairy in British Columbia. Mark is likely there for tomorrow’s “Fresh Milk, Food Rights” conference in Vancouver.

Having been through enough court proceedings where material from the Bovine has been submitted as evidence, I am honored to pretend once again, that I am the one this time, who is writing another piece for all my friends out there who are currently plotting another action to stop those freedom renegades and food freedom advocates.

I mean I write this for those who seem to enjoy their time in bed with those who support corporate corruption and the destructive exploitation of human lives and the natural resources we are all supposed to be blessed with.

Who am I anyhow to say this? Continue reading


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