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CFIA threatens Alliston restaurant over “local” and “natural” ingredient claims

Let’s hope the story helps advertise this restaurant! We need more eateries like this. Next time you’re near Alliston, do drop in and check the place out.

From Brad Pritchard at the Alliston Herald, via Inside Toronto.com:

Jay Klausen holds up a Canadian Food Inspection Agency map outlining what it considers to be the local boundaries. Photo: Brad Pritchard

ALLISTON – The chef and co-owner of a popular Alliston gourmet fast food restaurant says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is unfairly scrutinizing his business after being told to remove references saying they serve locally sourced products and naturally raised beef.

“Basically they are telling us if something comes from Barrie it’s not local, if something comes from Shelburne it’s not local,” said the Bistro Burger Joint’s Jay Klausen.

Klausen said he was completely blown away after receiving a registered letter from the Barrie branch of the CFIA and after speaking to an investigator about their demands. Continue reading


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