Montana Jones says CFIA returned to her farm to kill four Shropshire lambs

Link to this video just posted early Thursday morning on Facebook:

Update posted by Montana Jones on FB 12:03 am Thurs. Aug. 30th:

“CFIA ambushed Wholearth Farmstudio again this morning, arriving unannounced at 8:00 am to kill four of my seven lambs.

They are still alive.

CFIA left after unsuccessfully trying to euthanize them—let’s just say they could not get access to the lambs out in the field. They WILL return with force and more manpower to destroy them. They may return in an hour…at midnight…at 5:00am..who knows. They thrive on ambush tactics. We are talking four lambs and a middle-aged woman.

These lambs are the only remaining offspring of a heritage ram named Wholearth Fitz, that CFIA killed a few months ago. Despite CFIA’s promise to Montana Jones to save the semen and testes of the rare male Shropshire, they did not. She had hoped to use them on future females to restore the rare genetics.The four lambs are healthy. These four lambs are not guilty of having a disease—they just have a bloodtype that CFIA wants eradicated. Not just in Shropshires…This news clip’s misleading wording suggests that the lambs DO have it…but NO…it’s actually because of their genotype they want to kill them. It’s not the reporters fault really…the nonsensical CFIA reasoning is hard to understand for anyone..especially hard to absorb in a blur.CFIA is coming back to kill them…likely within 24 hours. Why is this sort of draconian government action still going on?Beautiful pastured heritage breed pigs are being slaughtered because they are not pink and don’t live miserable lives in cruel crates in corporate agribiz operations. Farmers are being charged because they drink healthy raw milk. People are fined for raising fresh eggs in their yards…WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!??!One way is to Show your support…LifeStock: A Call to Farms on Sept 30. Speakers, food, music….details on


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4 responses to “Montana Jones says CFIA returned to her farm to kill four Shropshire lambs

  1. Gary

    This is oppressive and criminal. See you at LifeStock!

  2. My heart breaks for you. I will send a donation as soon as I can.

  3. Sib

    Sometimes things happen that are just plain WRONG! Where is the proof of harm? There isn’t any. Logic and common sense are nowhere to be seen.

    At the rate the government is going, we will have nothing to eat but “food” manufactured in industrial plants or from Confined Animal Feeding Operations (factories), or suspect foods imported from elsewhere. We have to support our local farmers who are trying to preserve heritage breeds, and those who are trying to provide nutrient-dense animal products and fresh vegetables and fruit — real food that nourishes the human body.

    I hope there’s a good turnout for LifeStock.

  4. It’s important to emphasize that Montana offered several alternatives to the CFIA–alternatives that would have preserved the rare genetics she wanted to save, while not endangering anyone else’s animals. For instance, she was willing to remain in quarantine for 5 years. The CFIA refused several reasonable proposals to resolve this.

    Scrapie is not an airborne illness. The vets who came and went from her farm didn’t even disinfect their boots or their cars before leaving for other farms. That’s how unlikely it is to spread. There is no reason why her farm could not have remained in quarantine, other than the CFIA’s bureaucratic determination to stick to its protocol.

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