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Psy-ops against Montana Jones?

Montana Jones posted Wednesday Aug. 29th on Facebook:

“CFIA AMBUSH ONCE AGAIN! my heart can’t take it…they are trying to kill 4 of my sweet lambs because they are ARQ bloodtype…not because of any disease. No no no no”

Don’t forget the LifeStock event at Montana’s farm Sept 30th.


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Bechards settle raw milk dispute with Missouri milk board, dating back to ’09

Thanks to Rosanne for first linking to this:

Falls Church, Virginia (August 22, 2012) — Last month Armand and Teddi Bechard entered into a consent agreement with the State of Missouri, ending a case that began in 2009. On two occasions in the spring of 2009, undercover agents from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department allegedly purchased raw milk at the Bechard’s central delivery point, a health food store parking lot in Springfield. Continue reading


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