Yet another public health danger…

As if dealing with raw milk farmers wasn’t keeping public health officials busy enough, here’s something else people are doing to themselves, as if to drive the nanny state apoplexic. From Butch News Youtube channel, via Facebook:

Can you believe this? People seem to be doing whatever they like with their bodies with no regard for the feelings and interests of the State. Clearly public health has a role here to ensure people’s safety.

“Public health authorities across Canada are struggling to address the growing popularity of body modifications such as splitting one’s tongue like a snake’s and surgically altering ears to make them elf-like and pointy, fearing the spread of infection in an unregulated industry.

Last Wednesday, Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphPublic Health’s board of health received a report warning that one can suffer a “serious or possibly life-threatening consequence” while undergoing one of these surgical-like procedures in a “non-clinical” environment where there’s a higher threat of contracting HIV or hepatitis B and C.”


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6 responses to “Yet another public health danger…

  1. It’s disguising, dare I even call it a mental illness? But I would defend with my life your right to make such choices.

    Has anyone told the regulators that we are not their property? The opposite comes closer to the truth, they are our so called public servants.

  2. rainhard pitschke

    I’m disgusted that people are allowed to eat as many hamburgers as they like to achieve the desired ‘abdominal and posterior gluteal protrusions’ that seem to be so fashionable in western society. Pointy ‘elf ears’ are probably a good idea since they are more likely to function as ‘discharge antennas’ for the excess microwaves absorbed from cell-phones.

  3. AJ

    This has turned my stomach. OMG!!

  4. D. Smith

    This is people with no responsibility and too much time on their hands. If they had to work their butts off on a farm, they wouldn’t have time to dream up this sort of nonsense. What they all fail to think about is the collateral damage. 20-30 years from now, that’s not gonna look so trendy and it’s not gonna be easy or cheap to get rid of. What on earth is the matter with people?

  5. D. Ford

    Public Health is not trying to stop people from getting these procedures done, they are trying to make sure the person performing them does it as safely as possible. This means sterilized tools and other safety precautions to prevent infection.

    • mike

      Public Health is not necessary… As part of the body mod community for 15 years there is a responsibility on those getting these elective procedures to ask questions about the procedure – no one is holding a gun to our heads to have these procedures. 9 times out of 10 infections that happen as a result of body mods are cause by improper after care and not from improper procedures / dirty instruments. I do however think that Gov Public Health should post more people around bridges where wayward naval gazers are likely to fall off !

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