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Raw milk, health authorities, and the right to choose which foods we eat

From Wellness Tips blog:

From yesterday's demonstration at Queen's Park

“UPDATE, Oct. 9, 2011: Because in Canada one can only buy pasteurized milk, those of us who believe in the nourishing value of raw milk from grass-fed cows go to great lengths to access to this food. The BC government promised to leave our cow share alone until we got through our constitutional challenge, but a couple of weeks ago they broke that promise and charged our agister, Michael Schmidt, and one of the cow share members with contempt of court again.

Furthermore, Michael’s case that he had won in Ontario was overturned on appeal, so now Michael has been charged in two Provinces. He is appealing the Ontario case again, and is currently on a hunger strike, only drinking one glass of raw milk a day. Continue reading

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Food freedom for all . . . or marketplace clearcutting for “the big business club”?

From Chad Roberts at The True North Strong and Free:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with cow in earlier days. Toronto Star photo via The True North Strong and Free.

“Think you have the right to choose what foods you and your family consume? Not according to the Ontario Court of Justice, you don’t.

Michael Schmidt, an organic raw milk farmer, was recently convicted of 15 provincial offences related to the distribution of organic raw milk through a cowshare program at his Durham, Ontario farm. Because the commercial sale of raw milk is illegal in Canada, members of the program purchase shares in cows. It is not illegal to drink raw milk from your own cows. In 2010, the Ontario Court of Justice acquitted Mr. Schmidt of all the charges laid against him. The court’s decision was appealed and in September 2011, the court found Mr. Schmidt guilty of 15 out of the 19 charges. In doing so, the Ontario Court of Justice has set a very dangerous precedent. Continue reading

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Support food freedom and help stop the hunger fast of farmer Michael Schmidt

From Kimi Harris on the Mother Nature Network:

Signs of the times -- yesterday at Queen's Park in Toronto

“The right to decide what you can eat and drink seems a very basic human right. Yet, even that simple freedom can be trampled on. Take Michael Schmidt, for example. He is a biodynamic farmer with a master’s degree in agriculture who has been an instrumental voice for the rights of farmers and consumers. Continue reading

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Readers write their politicians, part 7

Left to Right: Greg Sorbara, seen here resigning as Finance Minister in the McGuinty government, with his wife, Kate, in a frame from a Toronto Star video; Right, Polyface farmer Joel Salatin

In today’s roundup of letter we include one to Greg Sorbara, MPP for Vaughan, former Finance Minister in the McGuinty government, and former cowshare member, or at least his wife was once a cowshare member. Also included today is a letter to Premier McGuinty from an American farmer and author, Joel Salatin, who was made famous by being featured in Michael Pollan’s books, as well as in the movie, “Food, Inc.”. Keep sending in copies of your letters to your political representatives and we’ll keep publishing them. Write to us at thebovine AT gmx DOT com

To: Greg Sorbara gsorbara.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Dear Greg,

Below is a letter which I have just emailed to Dalton McGuinty. I hope that you can have some influence on him. Continue reading

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Queen’s Park raw milk rally October 25

Some photos from yesterday’s rally in front of the Ontario legislature:

The main message of the day from 3 rally participants who work together to achieve their goal.

Continue reading


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