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Getting closer… Keep trying people!

This just in from Facebook discussions — Christine got to talk to a real live person in McGuinty’s office. If she can do it, you can too!



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Readers write their politicians, part 5

Readers write to let their politicians know how they feel about access to raw milk. When you write, send a copy of your letter to The Bovine at thebovine AT gmx DOT com. Today we hear first from Alice Jongerden, former agister at “Home on the Range” in Chilliwack, B.C.:

Michael Schmidt reads from his letter to Premier McGuinty, for the benefit of TV reporters, after last Tuesday's news conference. He'll be at Queen's Park again tomorrow for a raw milk rally.

All my life I have consumed fresh milk.  For years from the commercial farm I was raised on, and for the last 10 years from my very own cow.  In May, 2007, I had a cow that produced too much milk for our family.  Not one to waste, I had a decision to make.  I knew I could not sell it.  I knew I could not give it away, but I knew I could drink it.  It was my milk from my cow.  So naturally, if I owned half a cow and my friend owned the other half, we both could consume the milk.  So I found a family to share the cow with me.  They paid for boarding, I did the work.  But there was still too much milk.  I once again sought for others to join ownership of our cow.  That was the beginning our cow share. Continue reading


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Raw milk rally tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 25th, 1:00 p.m., at Queen’s Park, in support of “McGuinty meet Michael”

Michael Schmidt, with friend and supporter Danny Beaton, on the steps of the Ontario legislature at Queen's Park, not far from where tomorrow's raw milk rally will take place.

Already, almost 200 people across North America have joined the Michael Schmidt Solidarity Fast on Tuesday 25th October, with numbers growing by the hour.

As the movement grows in support of Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike for food freedom, supporters are taking a day without food to show their solidarity with Michael, who has not eaten for 26 days.

Michael Schmidt says:

The right to buy food direct from a farmer is as old as our country. Yet, today, that right is being taken away from Canadians by its government. I, Michael Schmidt, am on hunger strike until the government agrees to constructive dialogue on ensuring that this right is respected. I have written to Premier McGuinty to request a meeting and am encouraging everyone who supports this fight to write today to their elected officials and Premier McGuinty and make their voices heard.” 

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Kids who drink raw milk have 40% less asthma and allergies — new large study

Via Wake Up World:

From on Simone Anderson on Facebook

By David Augenstein – http://journal.livingfood.us

Reuters and other media outlets reported September 13about a large European raw milk study published at the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, online August 29, 2011, showing kids who drink raw milk are 41% less likely to suffer from asthma and allergies. The study included 8334 school-aged children, and 7606 of them provided serum samples to assess specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels. Over 800 cow’s milk samples were collected at the participants’ homes. Reuter’s article stated: Continue reading

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Vote in new radio station raw milk poll

From Bayshore Broadcasting:

Click image to go to website to vote in poll.

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s fight for responsible food freedom strikes a chord across America

From an email received yesterday at The Bovine:

Below is the text of a letter/action alert we sent to our support base last night. Written by Mark Grieshop. Pasture’s Delights, Decatur, Indiana.

Thanks, Krista Braman

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was drinking only water at his Queen's Park news conference last Tuesday. In the past he always drank raw milk at these events. Michael is now in his fourth week of a hunger strike for responsible food freedom.

Dear fellow Americans:

The weather is unseasonably warm and it is a great day for tailgating at football games and all manner of fall recreational activities that a health-conscious person is particularly free to enjoy.  While the skies are a clear blue color, I regret to inform you of gathering storm clouds in the distance that threaten the fun and freedom of fall days and our carefree lifestyle as we know it.  Please take some time today to sit quietly and absorb this important information– and then take action as well as personal steps to prepare for the deadly “storm warning” that the gathering clouds portend.

Life, Liberty and the Right to Eat Continue reading

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