A new low in fake food, from China

It’s hard to know how much of this is true or whether it’s some kind of anti-Chinese propaganda, but this is what Natural News is reporting:

Click on image above to go to Very Vietnam.com story on this plastic rice.

“(NaturalNews) The Chinese food contamination freak show is back in full swing with new reports out of Singapore indicating that certain Chinese companies are now mass producing and selling fake rice to unwitting villagers. According to a report in the Korean-language Weekly Hong Kong, the manufacturers are blending potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plastic industrial resin to produce the imitation rice.

A report inVery Vietnam states that an official from the Chinese Restaurant Association has announced that eating three bowls of this fake rice is the equivalent of eating an entire plastic bag.

Consuming such plastic material is obviously a serious health hazard, and officials are allegedly gearing up to conduct an investigation into the factories accused of producing the phony rice….”

Read the full report on Natural News.com

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/031344_plastic_rice.html#ixzz1EEvpnb2U

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