Portland shows the way with raw milk sales allowed at area farmers’ markets

From Emily Parkhurst on The Forecaster.net:

Photo of a Portland farmers market by Steve Minor, via Travel and Liesure blog. Click image above to go there.

PORTLAND — Customers at the city’s farmers markets may soon be able to buy unpasteurized local milk, hard cider, beer and wine to go with their fresh vegetables, meats and baked goods.

City Councilors John Anton and Cheryl Leeman are sponsoring an amendment to the city’s rules that would allow licensed market vendors to add fermented beverages, raw milk and raw milk products, such as cheese, to their wares.

“This is something that was initiated by citizen requests,” Anton said.

State laws that regulate farmers markets allow vendors to sell unpasteurized milk as long as it is clearly labeled. The proposed amendment to the Portland rules would also require vendors to have a laminated placard prominently displayed at their stands that explains the risks of consuming unpasteurized milk.

According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who drink raw milk are at a higher risk of food-borne illnesses because pathogens that could be living in the milk are not killed during processing.

But raw milk advocates say drinking unpasteurized milk has positive health effects, and that the pasteurization process destroys some of milk’s health benefits.

Anton said he opposes the placard requirement and that he plans to offer an amendment eliminating it at the next City Council meeting on Feb. 6.

He said it isn’t that he is disregarding the health risks, but that requiring market vendors to display the placard is unfair as long as other businesses that sell raw milk are not required to do so.

“The state law does require that it be clearly labeled as unpasteurized,” Anton said. “I’m comfortable that is sufficient consumer protection.”…”

Read it all on The Forecaster.


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9 responses to “Portland shows the way with raw milk sales allowed at area farmers’ markets

  1. nedlud

    Key word here is ‘licensed’. This makes sure that corrupt officials and bureaucrats remain heavily ‘in’ on the take. And that there be plenty of ‘wiggle-room’ for bribes and pandering.

    NEVER, EVER let the people function in a way that doesn’t provide huge profits for useless badge wearers and worthless title holders and inept certificate issuers. This must be the LAW!

  2. The Bovine

    Ned, of course that is conjecture on your part. We have no reason at this point to believe that such officials are not acting in the public interest.

  3. BC Food Security

    Portland is a progressive paradise. They are North American pioneers in implementing many new and reasonable win-win green initiatives for the good of community . Raw Milk is legal in 90% of West Coast States , the only serious West Coast anachronism , for some reason, is British Columbia , Canada . On this particular issue ,the BC government is seriously out of step with the will of the people , the current Raw Dairy Food Safety technologies, and just plain old common sense.

  4. Callaghan Grant

    You mean except that they are flawed human beings and that there is a statistically higher percentage of high functioning psychopaths in positions of power?


    This is the slave owners giving the slaves permission to perform an act which I am sure will somehow enrich the slave owners. Selling food and eating is still not recognized as a right – it is still perceived as a permission that can be retracted, modified, taxed, etc. at any time with no limitations.

    Only those with a slave mentality would celebrate this insult.

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