ODA “swats” Manna Storehouse Co-op

Sheep from Manna Storehouse (pic from Manna Storehouse website)

Sheep from Manna Storehouse (pic from Manna Storehouse website)

NEW DEC. 17: Manna Storehouse 7: The Stowers tell their story.

Apparently undaunted by past legal rebukes, the Ohio Department of Agriculture recently raided a food coop in La Grange that was providing grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured poultry and other Weston-Price-style foods. Raw milk was not specifically mentioned, so we don’t know whether that might have been a factor. But the extent and style of the regulator action in this case bears a definite resemblance to what happened at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms back on Nov. 21, 2006. The Bovine learned about this incident from a comment on the Complete Patient blog by Don Neeper. Here’s part of what Don said:

Patured chicken from Natures Acres, Berlin Ohio, one of Manna Storehouses suppliers

Pastured chicken, Nature's Acres, Berlin Ohio, (one of Manna Storehouse's suppliers)

“Manna Storehouse, a food co-op in La Grange, providing grass fed beef, lamb, pastured poultry and other Weston A. Price foods was raided yesterday [Monday, Dec. 1st] by SWAT, ODA officials, and local authorities.

The family that runs the co-op tells me they were herded into the living room for 8 hours while the home and business was torn apart. They were not given reason, saying they were under investigation. All of their computers and phones, and customer information were taken, as well as $10,000 worth of beef. A ‘warrant’ which didn’t appear to be valid, showed the reason for investigation, was ‘beef’.

If you are a customer, please know they only have cell phones and a few numbers that may be in those phones they can call. They have no records as they were all taken, so they can’t be in contact.

They won’t know anything until they go to court, and at this point are considering going to the media.

Interestingly, I believe they said a month or so ago, an undercover ODA official came to their little store and claimed to have a sick father wanting to join the co-op. Both the owner and her daughter-in-law had a horrible feeling about the man, and decided not to allow him into the co-op and notified him by certified mail. He came back to the co-op demanding to be part of it. They refused and gave him names of other businesses and health food stores closer to his home. Not coincidentally, this man was there yesterday as part of the raid.

If you are a one who prays, they ask for your prayers….”

Read more details on this raid from a later post on “The Bovine”.

Here’s the Complete Patient post this comment was part of.

Here’s the website for Manna Storehouse.

Here are two previous stories on the Bovine about court censures of the ODA over their actions against a farmer:

Ohio Department of Agriculture loses legal challenge

Ohio court comes down hard on flagrant regulator abuses

FOR LATEST REVELATIONS: See Manna Storehouse SWAT Part 3– includes: Katie Stover’s husband was serving in Iraq at time of the raid, possible rationale for the police tactics could be the unrelated murder of officials during a meat inspection in 2000. Also story and reader comments from local newspaper coverage.

MANNA STOREHOUSE PART 4: Did Police really enter “with guns drawn”?

NEW: Manna Storehouse raid part 5 –DEEPER DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE

DEC 16 UPDATE: Manna Storehouse #6


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44 responses to “ODA “swats” Manna Storehouse Co-op

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  8. Unbelievable. And yet believable.

    It’s sickening to think that an honest living requires a lawyer and armed guards to protect against your own government. At least if we didn’t have the government we wouldn’t have to pay for a lawyer.

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  10. Mandy

    Seems to me turnabout here would be fair play. Someone should get a search warrant for the Department of Agriculture and send in a SWAT team to confiscate all their equipment and shut them down.

    And people wonder why we need our 2nd Amendment.

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  26. getaclue

    Please find the attached links for the Sheriff Department’s Incident report and a copy of the Search Warrant itself with supporting documentation.

    Click to access Lorain%20Sheriff%27s%20report.pdf

    Click to access _1209165828_001.pdf

    The county health department was concerned this may have been a retail food service operation, and upon being denied the opportunity to inspect the property as such, turned it over to the county prosecutor’s office, who then asked them to send it to the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture. The ODA sent an investigator who allegedly made a retail purchase of eggs. A search warrant was then served on the property by uniformed deputies and plain-clothed detectives. Perhaps in some parts of the country that is considered a SWAT team, but in the greater Cleveland area, it certainly is not.

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  32. hey,Very useful information
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  38. Winford Nettles

    Just more government thuggery. Get used to it. As this United States of America is devolved into a socialist cesspool of moochers, lackies, goons, and thugs, this sort of operation will go on.

    Lies will be told to the populace to soothe their interest. They will believe some of the lies. And those telling the lies will be good at it.

    So, I say, get your brown shirt on now comrade, as the times, they are a changing.

    Or, stand and fight, as our forefathers did, so many decades ago. But, not with guns and bullets, but, with words and ideas. Freedom, liberty, these are our best weapons to make the socialists run like a bunch of scared bullies. And we should spare them no mercy with our dialogue.

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