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Raw milk debate coming to a boil in Saskatchewan — The Star Phoenix

From  Andrew Matte, in The Star Phoenix:

“Dozens of Saskatchewan residents say they’re getting a raw deal from the federal government because they’re forced to go underground to buy unpasteurized milk they believe is more nutritious than what’s sold in grocery stores.

The long-simmering debate between raw-milk consumers and federal officials continues across the country where law-breaking dairy producers share small quantities of unpasteurized milk to local buyers despite a federal law prohibiting its sale in Canada.

Raw-milk drinkers are calling on Ottawa to lift its ban on the sale of raw milk and introduce a new milk category and introduce testing and quality control to help ensure it’s safe to drink. Continue reading

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U.S. farmers free to drug livestock with no FDA oversight — The Guardian UK

From Karen McVeigh in The Guardian U.K.:

“Environmental and consumer groups have condemned the US Food and Drug Administration’s move to renege on its long-held policy to regulate the use of human antibiotics in animal feed.

Last week, the agency quietly announced it was withdrawing its plan to limit the use of antibiotics fed to healthy livestock intended for human consumption.

Critics say the U-turn, which comes amid the FDA’s own stated concerns over food safety, is at odds with its obligations to protect the public. Continue reading


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I wish the milkman would deliver my milk raw — National Post readers write

From the National Post:

This little boy must not be living in one of the "free" countries. Photo Samrang Pring/Reuters

Re: The Case For Raw Milk, Karen Selick, Dec. 27.

When I lived in India before moving to Canada in 1970, we always drank fresh raw milk, which we boiled before drinking. Nowadays, India is following the West in mass producing pasteurized milk.

I am am still alive and well at the age of 65. Everything in moderation is good. I do not listen to any of the health advice. I follow my own. Continue reading


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Karen Selick on cases in which “Expert” opinion has been shown to be WRONG

From Karen Selick on Troy Media.com

BELLEVILLE, ON, Dec. 29, 2011/ Troy Media/ – Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt finally got to meet with Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty in early November, 2011 after a 37-day hunger strike. However, the premier told him the government had no plans to change the law to legalize raw milk sales, and that it would rely on the best advice of medical experts.

But what is the best advice of medical experts? And which experts, consulted when? As a high school student 40 years ago, I was instructed to do a breast self-examination every month without fail, to detect cancer. That advice survived until about three weeks ago, when experts suddenly retracted it and announced that breast self-exams “have no benefit and should not be used.” Continue reading


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Ottawa to set up new long pig registry?

From Al Pope, writing in Yukon News.com:

Have you registered your pig yet? Click image to go to source.

“According to a mail-out from Agriculture Canada and the government of Yukon, Canadians are now required to register their pigs. Under the National Agriculture and Food Traceability program, all pigs must be registered, for safety purposes.

They’re kidding right? This can’t possibly be the Harper government at work. Surely the champions of freedom who are in the process of dismantling the odious gun registry aren’t about to replace it with a pig registry? The Nordicity research team has been working on this day and night, and we have uncovered some shocking truths. For instance, pet pot-belly pigs, which are short as well as stout, are exempt from the registry. Which means, of course, that Canada is embarked upon a national long-pig registry. Continue reading


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