Vaccination choice movement growing in West Virginia, says TV news story

From Augie, at the Journal of Natural Food and Healing:

“The vaccination choice movement is growing fast. Today, I was at a Gun Show and spoke to many young fathers and mothers–some pregnant and some holding babies or had them in strollers. They were very concerned about the safety and need for so many vaccinations. They wanted several of our vaccination choice flyers to give at work, at school or their moms club.

One worked at a day care center and is going to hand them out to all the young mothers. No sooner I got home, Ann Daschel, an editor of Age of Autism, alerted me to this excellent TV news coverage–and it is fair and balanced–and focuses more on the right to choose and vaccine-injured children. This is in West Virginia–one of the strictest vaccine before education [states] in the nation.  (I have clipped the news story under fair use for education under the copyright law.)…”

From the news story he refers to:

“…Chrisjiana Svede’s sons are no longer allowed in school either.

“My children shouldn’t be guinea pigs,” says Svede. “I feel like no one has really tested the long term reactions to vaccinations.”

Heather, Claudia and Chrisjiana are just three of about 150 members in a group called “We The Parents”. They’ve taken their fight to Charleston, pushing to pass Senate Bill 50 and allow philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccinations.

“We want choice, everybody does, and we want safety,” says Stafford. “If it passes, we’ll all be very happy.”

It’s become a movement gaining momentum, not just in West Virginia, but across the nation.

John Grindley, a lobbyist who’s also been spear-heading the efforts, is heading a group called West Virginians for Vaccination Exemption.

Grindley also created a video called “Follow The Money”, which gives a brief background of how West Virginia has ‘sold out’ to the Drug Companies.

But why all the controversy surrounding vaccinations that are developed to protect our children from disease?…”

Read it all and watch the video on Journal of Natural Food and Healing.


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2 responses to “Vaccination choice movement growing in West Virginia, says TV news story

  1. sherry burns

    why is it that is all about what the gov says?I believe if they would stop puttin all the cemicals in everything we wouldnt have so many problems and yes i was raised in the country and we raised a garden and feed for our animals so did my grandparents and we turned out ok ,my grandmother lived a long life of 88 yrs old and never had all these vaccines and shots .So why not look at the the gov who reguire all these plants to put cemicals in our food same as the vaccines u have to have for school just sayin food for thought.

  2. Mit W.

    There once was a girl named Ophelia
    who shunned shots for measles, mumps and diptheria.
    Her excuses were inane.
    Then measles atttacked her brain.
    And now she has permanent amnesia !

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